15 Awesome Gadgets That Could Save Your Life In A Crash

There are about 6 million car accidents yearly, with 40,000 being fatal. To put that into perspective, that’s enough people to fill Fenway Park to the bleachers. Although you can’t cheat death, these 15 gadgets improve your odds of walking away from a metal twisting collision.

1. Braking Bag – The Mercedes “braking bag” props up the car about 3 inches and brings deceleration to 20 m/s2 (read: blitzkrieg fast). The idea is to avoid the brutal damage from nose diving – when the frontend drops from slamming the brakes – and to simultaneously lower the speed before collision. The “braking bag” is still in prototype, but Mercedes hopes to roll it out within the next few years.

2. Collision warning with automatic braking – This technology is like Spidey-sense… for your car. It uses radar to sense when the cars ahead have slowed down or stopped. An alarm lets you know to slow down. If the driver doesn’t brake at all or not enough to avoid impact then the car does it for him automatically.

3. Self Inflating Tires – Self Inflating Tires aren’t like the kind James Bond had, which re-inflate when punctured. Instead, these puppies make sure your wheels are always at the correct pressure level (PSI). This, in turn, avoids blowouts, excessive wear and other safety threats.

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