2011 Infiniti G25x AWD Review

The 2011 Infiniti G25x boasts a redefined suspension, greater aerodynamics and All Wheel Drive for a smooth and quiet ride.

However, one of the biggest complaints by a reviewer is:

“The engine lacks gumption, and if you push it a little too hard it seems to wheeze like an asthma patient that’s just tackled a three-story staircase. And I’m not talking about full-speed joy rides either, but just safely merging onto the highway or passing without a hitch.”

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Although, to be honest, the complaints about the engine might not matter to the general audience, for whom this car has been designed. Some concessions were made in order to make the car price more accessible. We would love to hear what you think about the new 2011 Infiniti G25X.

2 Responses to “2011 Infiniti G25x AWD Review”

  1. David Easterly

    I currently lease the G25x and thoroughly enjoy it. I think it compares favorably with BMW 328i, Mercedes C300, Audi A4, and especially the Lexus IS250x. These luxury brands all have their entry level vehicles, and it's about time Infiniti got into the game. The specs on all these cars are very similar, so to complain about the lack of power as compared to its more expensive sibling, the G37x, is like comparing apples to oranges. Not everyone needs to reach neck breaking speeds in 5 seconds. The power of the G25x is more than enough for my daily driving needs and I love the smooth 7 speed transmission. It does have a great exhaust note when you step on it. Cornering with this AWD version is very confidence inspiring. I find the interior to be very luxurious and supple. The front seating is very supportive and the rear is very comfortable for us average sized adults. I like the look of the easy to use dash and the aluminum trim. The exterior looks beautiful and somewhat muscular with its smooth lines. And the price…it's a bargain. Even if it cost as much as its rivals, I would not purchase its german made competitors because of their infamous over-engineering and reliability issues. Lexus would be a close consideration, but its rear seats are super tight and it does not feel as sporty or responsive as the G25x, and I truly think that it is way overpriced. Overall, the Infiniti G25x is a great bargain for someone wanting to enter the luxury market. Its specs and performance match its targeted competitors, and is well suited for its intended market.

  2. PermaPlate

    Love your comment David! It's nice to hear from someone who actually drives the G25x daily. We have had comments that this entry level car cheapens the brand. However, it's hard to take that argument seriously when, as you have mentioned, there are many other luxury lines with entry level cars.

    Another thing we hear is that the fuel economy leaves something to be desired…has that been your experience?

    Overall a great car!


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