2011 Volkswagen Golf R

The 2011 Volkswagen Golf R is an all new powerful small car brought to you by Volkswagen. It has a turbocharged inline 4 engine with 266 horsepower. Designed to appeal to current customers who are fans of the Golf R32 it also desperately wants to become the star of the R line performance vehicles.

This was done by pumping up the Golf R with a glossy black grille, and adding LED daytime running lights and bi-xenon headlamps. The car also sits a half-inch lower to the ground. Also included are 18-inch, five-spoke alloy wheels and upgraded brakes; flared door sills and a blacked-out rear diffuser help complete the look.

Power up the beast and any remaining thoughts of this being your run-of-the-mill grocery-getter with a few niceties added truly disappear! The turbocharged 2.0L inline-4 that replaces the 3.2L VR6 sounds wonderful. It has a distinctive burble at idle that portrays power without being over-the-top loud. Although this is basically the same unit used in the Audi TTS, it sounds altogether different in the Volkswagen.

Source: Auto 123

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