2013 Jaguar XJ AWD

Source: www.caranddriver.com
We rarely pay attention to Jaguar on this site. We don’t know if that is due to an oversight on our part, or the fact that overall they seem pretty boring. To be honest, I’m looking at the design in the picture above and trying not to take a snooze. However, because we do try to give all cars on this site a fair shot, we have found a review of the 2013 Jaguar XJ AWD by Auto123.com.
We were surprised to learn that up to this point, Jaguar has not come equipped with AWD. Seriously? Let’s stop right there. Jaguar is just NOW adding AWD to their brand? 

“AWD system is rear-biased which helps maintain an all important driving dynamic. The transfer case, located at the tip of the transmission, is a multi-plate wet clutch setup that can send up to 50% of the torque to the front wheels.”

The reviewer also mentions that the Jaguar will come with a V6 engine and ends by letting us know that the overall quality of Jaguar is on the rise…okay done! That is your first and last Jaguar review for the year. Enjoy.

To read the full review just click here:  Auto123.com.

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