Audi Giving Each Brand a Face Lift


We didn’t know it was a common complaint , but it was definitely our complaint about the entire line of Audi’s. All of the Audi brands looked the same. You can’t tell the difference between an A4 and an A8. Now don’t get us wrong. We think Audi’s are beautiful and it would not hurt our feelings to own one. However, it wouldn’t hurt to shake it up a little bit.

Well someone at Audi was listening. In a recent interview with Wolfgang Durheimer he stated: “In the future, I will work with our designers to differentiate the ‘faces’ of our various model series even more…the customer of an A8 will, in the future, find details in his car that will fifer significantly from those on the A4 or the A6.”

Sounds good to us. We can’t wait to see what the future will bring for this car.


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