Best Cars to Modify

The best cars to modify really depends on styling, preference and taste. However, the folks over at have attempted to put together a comprehensive list to hopefully capture a little bit of taste of every consumer.

Nissan 370Z
Thirsty and with an appalling boot for a car of its size, practicality was quickly thrown out the window by Nissan engineers dedicated to building one of the most beautiful, heart-racing homages to pure driving ever devised. Owners of the 370Z or its predecessor the 350Z will know how fun these are to drive, but lightening it with some carbon fibre will raise the experience to 11.

BMW 3 Series
The multitude of professional BMW tuners and the fact that BMW has its own officially modified range – the BMW M – hints at the potential in these comfortable, powerful driving machines. With such a huge market, the options for engine, chassis, wheel, interior and body kit modifications are huge. A new exhaust, racing wheels and tyres are a good place to start.

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