The BMW M5 is no longer in production. After five years and 20,548 cars sold, it is finally ending it’s run. The popular BMW M5 Saloon version of the M5 sold the most units. The BMW M5’s popularity is due to a combination of a high performance car that could be driven by the average consumer, precision suspension technology, and maximum acceleration capabilities. It also boasted a V10 cylinder unit. “A distinctive feature of both models is the 5-litre, ten-cylinder engine with a high-revving concept. The power unit, which was conceived using comprehensive expertise derived from motor sports, develops maximum output at an engine speed of 7,750 rpm, disclosing its unique character in particular through enormous pulling power that remains available across a remarkably broad speed range. Its exceptional position has been underlined by numerous awards. For example, in the years 2005 and 2006, the V10 engine seized overall victory twice in succession at the “Engine of the Year Awards” as well as first place during each of the two following years in the engine category exceeding a cubic capacity of 4 litres.” These popular characteristics of the M5 are also available in the M6 Coupe.

The US market sold the most units, with Germany and Great Britain following from behind.

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