Chrysler Jumping onto the Electric Bandwagon

Chrysler is thinking electric according to the latest job postings from the Chrysler group. They are advertising for engineers who are familiar with “start stop” and “electric” technologies.

One may wonder why the Chrysler company is just a little bit late to the electric car party. They seemed to be interested in moving forward in 2008 when they presented their “Hybrid’s” (the Aspen and Durango) to the public. However, they quickly decided against rolling out these cars and decided to focus on “smaller engine” cars. We get the feeling they thought the electric phase was just a “fad”.

To be fair, they did just recently roll out their fully electric Fiat 500e….just recently…after almost every other car company rolled out and started selling their electric vehicles.

So the latest talk is that they are getting serious about battery technology, and they have the job postings to prove it. Go see for yourself:

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