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For many of us, our cars have become our home away from home. We spend more time in our automobiles than ever before making the need for appearance protection products a must, not an option.


Choosing PermaPlate automotive protection products for your automobile is the best decision you can make to keep the "show room shine" of your new car, to maintain its value for years to come.


By also purchasing additional coverage to the manufacturer’s various warranties, you are further protecting your investment, your safety, and your financial peace of mind.

More About PermaPlate

PermaPlate Products

PermaPlate automobile protection products are unique in that they are a quality line of products which are sold exclusively through authorized dealerships and are backed by comprehensive warranties with best-in-industry coverage. PermaPlate has a proven track record since 1978 of standing behind its products and warranties.

A knowledgeable, experienced customer service staff is at hand to give exceptional support to the customer and dealer. You can’t go wrong making PermaPlate your choice for automobile protection.

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