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Over the years we have collected some simple maintenance tips and frequently asked questions regarding our PermaPlate products, we hope you find them helpful.

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PermaPlate Paintguard®

Ultimate Paint Protection

The quality and success of Paintguard stems from over three decades of innovative product research and testing. Without protection, your vehicle's paint finish is easy prey for the sun's powerful ultraviolet rays--a hazard that can quickly cause oxidation and fading.

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PermaPlate FiberGuard®

Ultimate Fabric Protection

Spills, splatters, and everyday mishaps are almost unavoidable. Fiberguard® gives you the advantage of intervening before minor accidents become major reminders. Designed to coat each fiber of your vehicle's carpet and fabric upholstery, Fiberguard®'s polymer based coating seals out stains from both oil and water based spills.

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PermaPlate Leatherguard®

Ultimate Leather & Vinyl Protection

Sun, excessive dryness, temperature extremes are three demons that will swiftly decrease the value of your vehicle's interior. Leatherguard is the most powerful leather and vinyl protector on the market.

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PermaPlate Soundguard®

Ultimate Undercarriage Protection

You will notice a difference when Soundguard's dense, highly adhesive coating is applied to the undercarriage of your vehicle. A single professional application of Soundguard provides insulation from extremes in weather while reducing disturbing road noise by dampening vibrations.

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PermaPlate Rustguard®

Ultimate Rust Protection

More than just a highly visible blight, rust can rapidly corrode the structural integrity of your vehicle. A single professional application of our exclusive rust blocking formula will protect your new vehicle from inner body rust.

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PermaPlate Dent Protection

Ultimate Dent Protection

Our Paintless Dent Repair process repairs dings from the inside of your vehicle’s panel to return the metal to its original state. We repair your vehicle professionally and quickly, without the need for sanding, body fillers or new paint allowing you to get back to your life. Fast!

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