Complete Ban on Any Cell Phone Use

The National Transportation Safety Board has announced a controversial call to completely ban any cell phone use while operating a vehicle. This includes hand free devices. Although, they have no authority to enact such a ban, it is still a surprising announcement coming from the reputable agency. Many separate agencies have requested a partial ban, but this is the first time an agency has recommended a complete ban.

Mark Phelan, a columnist for The Detroit Free Press, was among the detractors. “Banning all uses of mobile phones in cars would be the most pointless and universally ignored law since Prohibition,” he wrote Wednesday. “Imagine the old 55-m.p.h. speed limit, only without radar detectors. The police would have to peer into every car to figure out who was in violation.”

No doubt this will not be supported by many auto makers who have invested a lot of money in wireless hand free devices to be included in many new automobiles.

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