DailyTech – Obama Demands All Government Autos be “Green” by 2015

President Obama is insisting that all cars purchased by the government should be green by 2015. This means that the usual purchase of 50,000 government cars per year will be a mixture of electric cars, hybrid cars, cars powered by fuel cells as well as cars that run on E85 ethanol. Although it is not specifically mentioned, there is also consideration for CNG cars that run on compressed natural gas. It is cleaner than a hybrid, because it uses no gasoline. It also does not depend on foreign oil, because more than 90 percent of the natural gas is produced domestically.

The move won’t be as dramatic a transition as one might suspect. In 2010, of its approximately 50,000 vehicles purchased, approximately 9,000 were hybrids and another 14,000 were E85-ready.

The U.S. government primarily purchases American vehicles. Last year Ford (F) led sales to the government, with General Motors (GM) close behind. Chrysler was a distant third.

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/08031/853554-28.stm#ixzz1I6LYOFYY
DailyTech – Obama Demands All Government Autos be "Green" by 2015

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