Five Ways Autonomous Vehicles May Change Our Everyday Lives

working in autonomous carWith auto manufacturers and tech companies working diligently to improve their autonomous vehicle designs, we at PermaPlate have started to wonder what our cities and highways will look like in twenty years or so. The adoption of self-driving vehicles and the car-sharing services that will likely come with them have the potential to induce countless changes; a few of which we have highlighted below.

Car Ownership

Right now, the average car is only in motion for five percent of its lifetime, but the introduction of self-driving vehicles has the potential to greatly increase this number. Your vehicle will be able to drop you off at work and pick you up (with plenty of time to run errands and get the kids to sports practice in between). Owning a vehicle will sure be a different experience when it is taking care of your day-to-day tasks while you’re at the office!

Down Time

With your commute to work an opportunity to take a nap, read a book or catch up on the news, you may not mind it taking some extra time. Instead of searching for a job that takes 20 or 30 minutes to get to, individuals may be more interested in lengthening their commute for the right job opportunity.

At some point you may even be able to continue your “work day” on the way to and from the office. Talk about making the best use of your time!

Delivery Services

When pizza shops and grocery stores no longer need to hire drivers for their vehicles, delivery becomes a much more profitable option. Gone will be the days when you will have to run across town to pick up a dozen eggs or a gallon of milk when you run out. Instead, you can just purchase these items online and wait for them to show up in your driveway.

Parking Woes

Oftentimes the most frustrating part of going to the mall or out to eat is finding a spot to park your car. But with fleets of autonomous vehicles on call, you can be dropped off right in front of your destination before your ride zips off to find its next passenger.

Changing City Layouts

As autonomous technology becomes more prominent, we can only imagine that city layouts will begin to adjust to meet the needs of those taking advantage of its incredible features.

Although these developments are still years away, the possible lifestyle modifications we have to consider are endless. To stay up to date with the latest automotive news, as well as safety tips and vehicle care advice, check out PermaPlate’s blog and follow us on social media!


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