GM in Talks to Add Transponders to Cars

 We really enjoyed the article below about the possibility of cars being networked. GM is developing technology for their vehicles which would allow vehicles to “talk” to each other. We know that sentence will spark all kinds of controversy and conspiracy about the Government spying on us etc. However, the possibilities of a car to car network are endless. For example, one vehicle stuck in a  traffic jam could share that information with other vehicles on the network. These other vehicles could then find alternate route’s quickly to avoid the jam. The author also explores commercial possibilities:

“Commercial possibilities seem easy — what if I could not only see upcoming fast food options on my nav system, but could also see how long the drive-in line was, and could order from a menu display on my nav system and pay electronically?  The through-time on the pickup should be minimized, and a lot of what goes wrong in the order process (voice to keyboard) could be avoided.”

Check out more from this article: Traffic could warn you of upcoming traffic? | Cadillac Conversations

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