How do I care for carpet with the Perma Plate Fiberguard application?

Perma-Plate FiberguardĀ® is specially formulated to coat the individual fibers of your carpet and cloth upholstery. It seals against stains from surface dirt while allowing the fabric to breathe and retain its natural softness. Although a spill may penetrate the fabric to some extent, it will be suspended in the tiny air spaces between the weave of the fibers. All you have to do is bring it out.

Vacuum the carpet and the upholstery frequently to avoid soiling from surface dirt build-up. This will also prolong the life of the fabric because the dirt acts as an abrasive contributing to premature wear.

Liquid spills should be blotted up as soon as possible, especially colored sodas and fruit drinks. Use an absorbent cloth, pressing firmly and repeatedly, changing to dry sections of the towel as needed, until all of the wetness is removed. Dilute with water if necessary. If any discoloration remains, spray lightly with Perma-Plate Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner or other non-foaming water based cleaner. Blot the area dry and brush lightly to blend with surroundings areas. Use the Perma-Plate Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner sparingly, a little goes a long way.

For stubborn or dried spots, wet with cleaning solution and follow the same blotting procedure. Dilute with water if necessary. Repeat until all of the substance comes up. Always blot the fabric firmly, never scrubbing, which can cause permanent damage.

Use Perma-Plate Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner per the instructions on the bottle for oil based stains. Commercial fabric cleaners and spotting agents recommended for wax, tar, gum and grease will not hurt the Fiberguard finish. If a stain is not responding to the cleaning method above, or requires special attention, please contact Siskin Enterprises, Inc. toll free at (800) 453-8470 for additional instructions.

With regular use your carpet and upholstery may require periodic shampooing. Hot water extraction is preferred, as this liquefies the soil trapped in the air spaces of the fabric for easy removal. For lightly soiled surfaces, a foam type carpet and upholstery cleaner can be used.

12. How do I care for carpet with the Perma Plate Fiberguard application? – PermaPlate

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