Hybrid Owners Not Likely to Purchase Again

In a recent survey, the Polk company found that the Hybrid car has not gained in popularity over the years. Instead, customers are much more likely to purchase a mid-size car with great gas mileage than to purchase a Hybrid. This is most likely due to the complicated Hybrid systems. While customers may not appreciate their Hybrid cars, Polk did find that car owners were more likely to stick with the same brand as their Hybrid car.

Hybrid cars make up a tiny portion of the U.S. car market – just 2.4 percent last year, down from 2.8 percent in 2008 – but it looks like they make be good tools in helping to luring new customers to a brand. While loyalty to hybrid vehicles was just 35 percent last year, according to Polk, 60 percent of Toyota hybrid owners stayed with the Japanese brand with their next purchase and 52 percent of Honda hybrid owners stayed with the big H.

Read more: http://blogs.internetautoguide.com/6765245/auto-news/second-option-hybrid-car-owners-reconsidering-choice-says-study/index.html#ixzz1svbjF0Pu

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