Hyundai reveals 2011 Equus details, range topper to come in two U.S. flavors

“The 385-horsepower Hyundai Equus cometh, and Hyundai has let loose a torrent of information on the two kinds of horses you’ll be able to buy: Equus Signature and Equus Ultimate. The Signature version comes with almost everything: leather and Alcantara interior, heated steering wheel, climate controlled seating with a massaging driver’s seat, Smart Cruise Control, parking assistance, air suspension and a 17-speaker, 608-watt Lexicon stereo are at the beginning of a terrifically long list.

Pay a little more for the Equus Ultimate and you add the around-the-corner-view cameras to the parking assist, power trunk, and in back, reclining, cooled rear seats with their own massage function and leg support – like in Korean Air business class – and a rear seat refrigerator. Among many, many other things. And there’s always that iPad manual, because you can never get enough of something special. You can find the press release listing all the goodies after the jump.”


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