Hyundai’s unusual problem | Hyundai-Blog

Hyuandai has had quite a year in spite of a global recession that has made it difficult for car makers to sell automobiles. Thanks to positive reviews, great leasing terms and the sleek new design of the Sonata, the Hyandai car has become so popular that the Korean automaker can not keep up with demand. Even an increase of production on these cars is not enough.

Hyundai has responded to the demand by increasing production on a worldwide scale, but admit to being “maxed out” in that regard, whilst also being overwhelmed by the increasingly positive reception t that their stable of vehicles is receiving. Despite the increased interest in their cars, Hyundai’s still reluctant to build another US plant, and refuse to be drawn into too much discussion the subject, but one representative did say that they feared quality would be harder to sustain if they spread themselves too thin.

Hyundai’s unusual problem | Hyundai-Blog

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