Jaguar F-Type v Porsche Boxster

In a perfect world, the Jaguar F-Type would never be compared to the Porsche Boxster. Simply stated, anything trying to compare itself to the Porsche Boxster should just walk away in shame. Serious miserable shame that clings on to you for the rest of your life as you make poor decision after poor decision leading you to beg for the blessed kiss of death. That is just our humble opinion.

Anyhow, this is not a perfect world, and somebody has actually decided to compare the Jaguar F-Type with the Porsche Boxster.

It does speak quite highly of the Jaguar F-Type, however, we decided to share the parts that we liked.

But the biggest area where the F-Type gets pummelled by the Boxster is in terms of usability. The Porsche’s twin boots – one front, one rear – offer a combined 280 litres of space. By comparison, the Jaguar’s shallow but wide boot delivers a paltry 196L. 

It isn’t, ultimately, as heroic as the Porsche Boxster S, which is both technically perfect and wonderfully charming.  

The Porsche dual-clutch, by contrast, is faultlessly fast and more aggressive in its Sport mode than the Jaguar’s is.

Alright, we’ve given you enough. Check out the entire review here:

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