Magnesium Car Bodies: The New Steel, Carbon, Aluminum?

Can magnesium really be the next lightweight material to be used in the making of lighter cars? The properties of magnesium are comparable to the properties of steel. It is also available in large quantities around the world unlike the popular use of carbon fiber, which is very expensive to produce.

Magnesium componentry in cars is nothing new of course. Magnesium alloy wheels are popular in the motorsport world where light weight and impressive strength are paramount. Now, researchers in Germany believe that it could be used in greater capacity throughout vehicle construction.

A regular steel car door can weigh about 23 pounds. However, that same door made of magnesium only weights 10 pounds.

Rather than replacing any current technology, it’s likely to be one of many materials used in coming years to reduce the weight of our cars, to the benefit of performance, handling and above all, fuel economy.

Magnesium Car Bodies: The New Steel, Carbon, Aluminum?

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