PermaPlate EtchguardTM Ultimate Theft Protection

Perma Plate Etchguard - Ultimate Theft Protection
Etchguard window etching cannot be altered or bypassed without replacing all of the vehicle’s glass, which is too costly and time consuming for thieves and “chop shops.”

Etchguard protection includes your vehicle’s registration in a national database as well as an explicit window decal place the driver’s side of the window

* • Etchguard window etching cannot be altered or bypassed without replacing all of the vehicle’s glass, which is too costly and time consuming for thieves and “chop shops.”
* • Etchguard protection includes your vehicle’s registration in a national database as well as an explicit window decal placed on the driver’s side of the window
* • Etchguard window etching does not detract from the value or appearance of your vehicle
* • Etchguard is a proven theft deterrent
* • Professional thieves aren’t interested in traceable items
* • Over 1.5 million vehicles are stolen each year in the United States (FBI-Uniform Crime Report)
* • Vehicles located in metropolitan areas and their suburbs, and newer and more upscale vehicles, have a higher risk of theft

Etchguard – Ultimate Theft Protection
Window etching is the most widely used theft deterrent in the world today. Your Personal Identification Number is etched into all major glass windows of your vehicle, making it less appealing to thieves.

This number along with your vehicle’s description and owner’s data (e.g., VIN number) are registered in a national database accessible to law enforcement agencies nationwide. In the event of a theft, you’ll receive a cash payment plus other benefits if your stolen vehicle is not recovered within 30 days. And, etchguard window etching usually can be financed with your new vehicle contract.

Insurance Premium Discounts
Many insurance companies have started to pass along the savings they realize by reduced vehicle theft claims related to etching registration programs to their policy holders in the form of reduced premiums. You’ll receive a form for your insurance company notifying them that your vehicle has been professionally etched.

PermaPlate Windshield Protection

Perma Plate Windshield - Protection From the Perils of the Road
• Repair of windshield chips and cracks
• No out-of-pocket expenses or deductible on any covered damage or windshield
• Repairs or replacements may be done at the selling dealership, customer’s home or office by experienced professionals

PermaPlate Windshield Treatment contains a unique molecular coupling agent that chemically bonds to the glass surface, fusing at the molecular level. This creates a hydrophobic and protective coating by capping the natural glass pores and its surface ridges. This bond strengthens and improves the quality of automotive glass by creating a strong covalent bond that acts as a protective shield.

PermaPlate Windshield Treatment was created to provide unprecedented protection to vehicle glass. PermaPlate Windshield Treatment uses the latest in molecular nano-chemistry to make your windshield stronger with enhanced clarity for a safer, clearer glass.

PermaPlate Rustguard® Ultimate Rust Protection

Perma Plate Rustguard - Ultimate Rust Protection
• Adhering to interior surfaces of fenders, doors and quarter panels
• Permanently sealing the inner-body metal surfaces
• Creating an unfavorable environment for rust

More than just a highly visible blight, rust can rapidly corrode the vehicle’s structural integrity. A single professional application of our exclusive rust blocking formula will protect a new vehicle from inner body rust. PermaPlate’s exclusive process even protects the vehicle from environmental hazards that may not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. By using Rustguard’s advanced chemical formula, the vehicle’s inner body metal surfaces will be permanently sealed. Rustguard is applied to, and adheres to the interior surfaces of fenders, doors, quarter panels, and other critical areas. Rustguard protects areas that would otherwise become a hospitable environment for rust for inside-out rust caused by trapped moisture from condensation.

PermaPlate Soundguard® Ultimate Undercarriage Protection

Perma Plate Soundguard - Ultimate Undercarriage Protection
• Dampening vibrations from highway surfaces
• Insulating from weather-caused highway conditions
• Deflecting road debris

You will notice a difference when Soundguard’s dense, highly adhesive coating is applied to the undercarriage of your vehicle. A single professional application of Soundguard provides insulation from extremes in weather while reducing disturbing road noise by dampening vibrations. But what’s more, this powerful coating with rust inhibitors will protect the undercarriage of your new vehicle by sealing out moisture and deflecting road debris, sand, and salt.

PermaPlate Leatherguard® Ultimate Leather & Vinyl Protection

Perma Plate Leatherguard - Ultimate Leather and Vinyl Protection
• Drying and the loss of soft, supple texture
• Fading, discoloration, and staining
• Premature aging and cracking of seats, dashboards, and interior trim

Sun, excessive dryness and temperature extremes are three demons that will swiftly decrease the value of your vehicle’s interior. Leatherguard is the most powerful leather and vinyl protector on the market. Professionally applied by your dealer, Leatherguard’s ultraviolet sunscreens and penetrating conditioners fight drying, fading, and discoloration on leather or vinyl seats, dashboards and interior trim. With Leatherguard, your vehicle’s value will remain solid while its leather and vinyl features stay soft and supple.

PermaPlate Fiberguard® Ulitmate Fabric Protection

Perma Plate Fiberguard - Ultimate Fabric Protection

• Preventing stains from oil and water based spills
• Allowing quick and easy clean up
• Bonding to individual fibers without altering texture, scent, or color of the treated fabric

Spills, splatters, and everyday mishaps are almost unavoidable. Fiberguard gives you the advantage of intervening before minor accidents become permanent reminders. Designed to coat each fiber of your vehicle’s carpet and fabric upholstery, Fiberguard’s polymer based coating seals out stains from both oil and water based spills. Because Fiberguard bonds to individual fibers, the air spaces between fabric strands remain open and permit the upholstery to breathe. The texture, scent, and color of the original fabrics are not altered and spills slip into air pockets between fibers allowing for quick and easy clean up.

PermaPlate Paintguard® Ultimate Paint Protection

Perma Plate Paintguard - Ultimate Paint Protection
• Oxidation and fading caused by the sun’s powerful ultra-violet rays
• Corrosion caused by sea and road salt, acid rain, and industrial fallout
• Discoloration caused by bird droppings and tree sap

The quality and success of Paintguard stems from two decades of innovative product research and testing. Without protection, your vehicle’s paint finish is easy prey for the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays–a hazard that can quickly cause oxidation and fading. With professional application, Paintguard’s exclusive formula bonds with, and seals, the paint surface creating a continuous, durable protective finish.

Our commitment to your vehicle’s appearance begins with a professional application of the finest products available. To retain this good head start, we recommend the Perma-Plate Maintenance Kit. Available as part of the Perma-Plate protection system, our Paintguard Renewer and Wash Concentrate make it easy to maintain your vehicle’s brilliant finish well into the future.

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