2016’s Fastest Selling Used Vehicles

fastest selling used vehiclesWith some incredible 2017 models hitting the market this summer, many drivers are beginning to think about selling their one to three-year-old vehicles for an upgrade. iSeeCars.com reviewed 2.2 million used cars sold between January and May of 2016 to find out what vehicles are selling fastest, and the results may surprise you.

It turns out that electric and hybrid vehicles are in high demand. Five of the top ten cars are alternative fuel models, and all of the top ten take less than a month to sell. Most vehicles this age take 42.4 days to sell, so if you have one of the cars mentioned below you are in luck!

Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid

The fastest selling used car of 2016, the Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid spends an average 19.7 days on the market. Standard features for this four-door hatchback include keyless ignition, rearview camera and a navigation system. Able to travel 10-15 miles and up to 62 mph on battery power alone, the car follows standard hybrid operation when outside of the electric-only range.

Nissan LEAF

One of the most popular electric cars available in the US, the Nissan LEAF is the second top-selling used car of 2016. The 2016 model is available with two battery choices, although earlier models only offer one. With a four-hour charge time from empty to full and plenty of impressive features, this car is a great choice for eco-friendly drivers so it is no surprise that it sells in about 24 days.

Tesla Model S

Called the “all-electric dream car” by CarAndDriver.com, the Tesla Model S is a beautiful combination of luxury and green. The standard model can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds and can go more than 200 miles without needing to charge.

Hyundai Veloster Turbo

The first traditional gas vehicle to make the list, the Hyundai Veloster Turbo is a compact car that sells in an average of 27.8 days. Available in hatchback and coupe styles, the 2016 model received a consumer rating of 7.9 out of 10.

Other members of the top-ten club include the Infiniti QX60, Infiniti QX56, Lexus CT 220H, Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Lexus RX 350 and the Mazda 2.

For car owners debating the upgrade to a 2017 model, if you have one of these vehicles it may be a great time to do so. And for those in the market for a used vehicle, don’t hesitate to place your offer if you come across one of the quick-selling models on this list!

Regardless of if you purchase your vehicle brand new or slightly used, PermaPlate offers a wide range of automotive protection programs that will keep it looking its best during your time together. For more information, please call us at 800-453-8470.

Five of the Biggest Moments in Automobile History

automobile historyWith semi-autonomous cars already on the road and the development of fully autonomous vehicles constantly reaching new milestones, we have spent a lot of time looking to the future of cars. But what about the milestone moments that got us to where we are today?

Before another of the biggest moments in automobile history arrives, here are a few of the big moments that go us here.

Electric Headlamps

Although early car headlamps did allow drivers to navigate roads at night (and improve pedestrian safety) they were rather unreliable and sometimes hazardous.

The invention of the electric headlamp occurred in 1898 and it was a major milestone in vehicle safety. They were first installed in Electric Vehicle Company’s Columbia Electric Car, and then improved upon by Cadillac with the first modern system being introduced in 1912.

Moving Assembly Line

Henry Ford’s mass production technique made a huge impact not only on the manufacturing of cars, but the manufacturing industry as a whole.

The first moving assembly line was installed in Ford’s Michigan Highland Park plant in 1913, helping to make vehicles available to the masses. It brought the production time of a vehicle down from 12 hours to two and a half.

Fully Automatic Transmission

Nowadays, many American drivers have never driven anything but a car with a fully automatic transmission, but it wasn’t that long ago that this invention came to be. Called “Hydra-Matic”, fully automatic transmission was first introduced in 1940 in GM’s popular Oldsmobile.

This invention completely altered the automobile industry, making driving a breeze and becoming an expected feature in almost all vehicles today.

Seat Belts

An addition that was considered optional for many years, the seat belt was introduced as a safety feature in 1948. The first car to add them was the Tucker Torpedo, but it wasn’t until 1955 that a car manufacturer decided to make seatbelts a standard feature.

Volvo was the one to make the jump first, followed by American auto companies in the mid-1960s.


Another important safety feature that it is difficult to imagine not having; airbags were not adopted by popular U.S. auto manufacturers Ford and Chevy until the mid-1980s.

The earliest airbag was invented by John W. Hetrick and was patented in 1953. More than ten years later, Mercedes-Benz became the first auto manufacturer to develop airbags for their vehicles.

Car manufacturers have made incredible leaps and bounds in the years since the above technologies were developed, introducing features that the manufacturers of these early additions only dreamed of. And with fully autonomous vehicles expected on the roads by 2020, PermaPlate looks forward to experiencing another important milestone in automobile history!

Mercedes-Benz Newest Semi-Autonomous Technology

semi-autonomous carFor individuals considering the purchase of a 2017 model luxury sedan, the Mercedes-Benz 2017 E-Class Sedan offers some unique and exciting new features that take us one step closer to the fully autonomous car.

Recently tested by Aaron Bragman of Cars.com, the tenth edition of their top-selling sedan will offer a DRIVE PILOT system of assistance features that will help to create a safer drive.

Active Brake Assist

Active Brake Assist reacts quickly to impending collisions, applying the brakes in the case that you have not yet reacted.

Active Lane Change Assist

The first feature of its kind, Active Lane Change Assist allows your vehicle to steer itself during lane changes. Just flick on your turn signal while in cruise control and your sedan will use its long-range rear-facing radar to ensure a safe transition.

Evasive Steering Assist

Instead of slamming on the brakes when a pedestrian walks out in front of your vehicle, Evasive Steering Assist will act quickly; steering around the person. This feature works the same way with other obstacles as well when travelling at low speeds.

Side Radar

In the unfortunate event of an impending side collision, Side Radar can provide extra protection for you and your passengers. The 2017 E-Class Sedan is equipped with bladders on the sides of the front seats, which inflate and push you a few inches inward when Side Radar goes off. The system also employs a burst of static noise that helps to prepare your muscles for the crash and airbag impact.

Speed Limit Pilot

Speed Limit Pilot handles changes in speed limits when your cruise control is employed, adjusting your car to the proper speed as you head down the highway. This feature can be overridden manually, but it is a great way to prevent speeding tickets!

Bragman tested the vehicle for about three hours, trying out all of the above technologies, and reminds consumers, “It’s good to remember that they [the autonomous features] are still very much assistance systems, meant to help you drive, not drive for you.”

Set to arrive in the U.S. this summer, the 2017 E-Class Sedan is one car that the team at PermaPlate can’t wait to drive.

GMC “Rear Seat Reminder” a Step in the Right Direction

child in back seat of vehicleSummer is officially here and joining it are the hot temperatures that can lead to injury and, in the most unfortunate cases, death. Each year an average of 38 children die from heat-related deaths after being left inside a vehicle. And while no parent thinks that they will be the one to make this heartbreaking mistake, accidents do happen.

To help combat this unfortunate loss of life, GMC has created a “Rear Seat Reminder” and is installing it as a standard feature in the family-friendly 2017 Acadia SUV. According to GM global safety strategy engineer Tricia Morrow, “It was designed in response to the tremendous amount of heatstroke deaths that we see every year.”

Additional models will continue to include this feature as they are released.

While the rear seat reminder cannot actually detect children sitting in the backseat, it does monitor the vehicle’s rear doors, activating when they are opened and closed within ten minutes of the vehicle starting (or anytime they are opened and closed while it is running). After activation, the system will sound an alert, displaying the message “Rear Seat Reminder, look in Rear Seat” the next time the car is turned off.

GMC hopes that this alert will ensure that busy, stressed and tired parents will be reminded to look in the back seat before getting out of the car without their sleeping child, as most accidents happen to exhausted parents.

When asked about GMC’s new feature Janette Fennell, founder of KidsAndCars.org, said, “If it’s just one little beep or something that can bring them out of their fog to remind them, that’s a good thing.”

An organization that works to raise awareness about non-traffic incidents that have serious health and safety issues, KidsandCars.org has a few simple tips that can help prevent parents from accidentally leaving their little ones in the back seat.

The organization recommends setting your purse, cell phone or other items in the back seat of the vehicle with your children, as you will need them when you get out of your car.

Here at PermaPlate we believe GMC’s rear seat reminder is a great addition and hope to see it added into more vehicles soon. To learn more about our automotive protection programs, visit us online or contact us by phone at 800-453-8470.

Ten Road Trip Essentials You Don’t Want to Forget

summer road tripThere are few things more exciting than packing up your car and heading out onto the open road for a summer adventure. And whether you are heading to the beach or the mountains, there are ten essentials you will want to pack for a safe and enjoyable drive.

We recommend putting together a checklist before you start packing to make sure you don’t forget anything you need in the excitement of heading out on vacation.

Portable GPS

Gone are the days when you have to rely on your copilot to give reliable directions. One of the most helpful tools during any road trip is a good GPS. Of course, it is important to make sure your system’s maps are up-to-date and that you have all the necessary supplies with you, like the mount and the charger. As long as you know how your system works, your GPS can get you from Point A to Point B without any trouble.

Road Map and Compass

But, just to be safe we also recommend bringing a good road map and a compass along as well. Stored in your glove box just in case of emergency, these tools will surely come in handy if you face a technical malfunction.

Smartphone Dock

Whether you will be using your smartphone for directions or as your road trip DJ, a smartphone dock will keep it secure and easy to reach. Instead of having your copilot constantly searching under the seat when they want to change a song or review the map, they can just swivel the dock towards them with ease.

E-Z Pass

With re-loadable versions now available at many grocery and drug stores, E-Z Passes make passing through toll booths a breeze. Add some extra cash to yours before your vacation begins so you don’t find yourself searching for extra change as a toll booth draws near.

Map Lights

Driving with a light on in your car can be distracting, especially late at night, but map lights are small enough that you will barely notice them. Stock up on a few of these little tools so your kids can continue reading in the back seat when dusk falls.

Audio Books

Even the driver needs some entertainment during a long road trip, and audio books are a great option that everyone in your vehicle can enjoy. Download some new releases to your smartphone or borrow a couple classics from your local library before your trip. Mystery and humor are two categories that everyone in your vehicle will enjoy.


And if audio books aren’t for you, a few well thought out playlists or your favorite CDs can also provide hours of entertainment. To ensure there are no complaints from those sitting in the backseat, we recommend asking everyone to make one playlist or bring a couple CDS of their own. This way, there will be a bit of variety and options that all parties enjoy.

Snacks and Beverages

There are few things worse than sitting in a car starving, which is why we recommend stocking up on plenty of snacks for your next road trip. And don’t forget bottled water and juice drinks to quench everyone’s thirst.

To keep your car clean, bring along a few garbage bags and baby wipes as well.

Full-Size Spare Tire

There are few things more detrimental to a road trip than a flat tire, but with a full-size spare tire in the trunk of your vehicle, this setback should cost you less than an hour of time. Why a full-size tire? Traditional spares are thinner and less durable than regular tires – only meant to get you to the nearest auto shop – and shouldn’t be driven on at more than 50 miles per hour.

Car Emergency Kit

While we are talking safety, another road trip essential (really something that should always be in your vehicle) is a car emergency kit. Stocked with jumper cables, a tire gauge, flashlight and more, this kit will help you to get from Point A to Point B regardless of what the open road throws at you!

On top of these ten road trip essentials, it is also important to have your vehicle covered by a protection plan, like those offered by PermaPlate. From chips in your windshield to food stains on the backseat, a lot can happen during a road trip to decrease the value of your car.

Keep all members of your party safe and your vehicle damage-free with PermaPlate protection programs.

Learn More About Our Clearplate Protection

woman in carNo one likes getting out of their vehicle after a long day of driving to see a new nick or chip in the paint. These tiny marks on your vehicle not only lower its resale value, but also take away from the beauty of the car.

If you are looking for a way to keep the exterior of your vehicle looking its best, PermaPlate recommends our Clearplate protection. Clearplate prevents the nicks and chips that show up on high-impact areas of your vehicle without taking away from its brilliant color and shine.

What is Clearplate?

Clearplate is a strong, yet transparent material created from a flexible, energy absorbent thermoplastic urethane film. It is applied to the high-impact areas of your vehicle – such as the hood, side mirrors and fender caps and will not crack, yellow, shrink or peel. And it won’t have any adverse effects on your car’s paint.

Applied by our professional installers, Clearplate will fit to the exact make and model of your vehicle and will maintain the appearance of the high-impact areas of your vehicle.

To learn more about Clearplate and to protect your vehicle against harsh road debris, gravel, sand, salted roadways and insect acids, contact PermaPlate at 800-453-8470. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and to help you find a dealer near you that offers Clearplate protection.

Summer Maintenance Checks for Your Vehicle

summer car maintenanceDepending on where you are located, the summer heat can really take a toll on your vehicle – especially if you are not performing regular maintenance checks. To keep your car running at peak performance and to prevent any breakdowns during trips to the beach, PermaPlate would like to remind you to pay close attention to the following components over the course of the next few months.


Regardless of the season, you should regularly check fluid levels. And when it comes to coolant levels, this is especially important during the summer months. The fluid that prevents your vehicle from overheating, coolant is usually added beneath the hood.

No one wants their car to overheat on a hot sunny day, so check your coolant levels frequently to ensure that they don’t dip too low.

Tire Pressure

To decrease your risk of a blowout as temperatures continues to climb this summer, check your tire pressure before you roll down your driveway and out onto the open road.

Both over and under inflated tires can generate excess heat, which often leads to blowouts. Prevent blowouts from occurring by keeping your tires inflated to their recommended pressure. Not sure what this number is? Review your owner’s manual or look for a label (either your glove compartment or door jamb) to find it out.

As an added bonus, not only will properly inflated tires keep you free from accidents like blowouts, but they can also improve your fuel consumption.

Air Conditioning

Although air conditioning will drain your gas tank a little bit quicker that rolling down all the windows will, it is an ideal way to keep cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. Especially beneficial if you have small children or pets in the car with you, air conditioning will help to make summer road trips a breeze.

To ensure your air conditioning system doesn’t quit when you need it most, an annual check is recommended. This will catch and small leaks that may become a bigger problem later, while also ensuring your filters are clean and operating at optimum performance.

For more information about PermaPlate products, visit us online or contact us by phone at 800-453-8470 to find a dealership near you.

Source: http://www.autotrader.com/car-news/hot-summer-car-care-tips-170070

The Sounds of Google’s Self-Driving Car

self-driving carIn the company’s most recent monthly report, Google has revealed some interesting information about the noises that their self-driving cars will make. Not only are they in the midst of fine-tuning their vehicles to honk for themselves, but they are also working on a sonic noise that will alert passerbyers of their cars’ presence.


Unlike those drivers with road rage that seem to honk at every opportunity, Google’s self-driving cars will be designed to honk only when necessary. Right now, the company is working to teach its software the right and the wrong times to honk, as well as the different types of honks that can be used according to the specifics of the situation.

Honking will be used mainly to alert other drivers to the self-driving vehicle’s presence and depending on the severity of the potential situation, long honks or short beeps can be made. One example: When another driver swerves into the self-driving car’s lane.

Sonic Imprinting

In comparison to traditional gas powered vehicles, electric cars are extraordinarily quiet. And for pedestrians and bicyclists, this can be rather stressful when one passes close by. To combat this silence, the company has decided to create a sonic imprint that their vehicles will constantly emit when on the road. They are trying to make the sound, “friendly and a little futuristic.”

To learn more about Google’s latest improvements on their self-driving vehicles, check out this Mashable article.

Three Qualities to Look For When Choosing Your Next Vehicle

buying a new vehicleDeciding to purchase a new vehicle is usually a no-brainer. Whether your older car has reached its maximum mileage, your family has grown, or you need a truck to tow your boat or camper sometimes a new vehicle is just required. But once you realize it’s time for something new, the difficult work starts. You have to find the vehicle that is just right for you and your family.

There are many different aspects to consider as you visit dealerships and browse your options online, three of the most important which PermaPlate has highlighted below:


Gas mileage, horsepower and torque should all be considered when looking at a new vehicle, and depending on your lifestyle and vehicle use, your preferences will be different. For example:

  • Does your vehicle need to meet a particular towing capacity?
  • Do you live in an area where four-wheel drive is a winter necessity?
  • Are you interested in a more eco (and budget) friendly fuel option?

The answers to these questions and more will help you to narrow down your vehicle options and will make picking out your best fit a simpler process.


No one wants to drive around feeling cramped or listening to family members complain about how crowded they are in the backseat. The number of children you have, as well as their age and hobbies, will plan a big role in the size vehicle you need for everyone to fit comfortably.

If you are going to need extra room for sports equipment and science projects – or plan on driving to your family vacation destinations – a vehicle with plenty of cargo space is a must. And if you have a few kids and a furry dog or cat companion, three rows of seating may be beneficial for you.


Once you have considered performance and comfort, don’t forget to think about style. Purchasing a new vehicle is a big commitment, and the car you choose today is the one that you will be driving on a daily basis – probably for years to come.

Do you find the vehicle’s design attractive? Do you feel safe inside it? Does it have all the features you require?

Once you have taken performance, comfort and style into consideration, it will be much easier to narrow down your search for a new vehicle.

Regardless of what type of new car you decide on, PermaPlate’s automotive protection products can help maintain your vehicle. For more information and to find a dealership near you that offers our products, contact us by phone at 800-453-8470.

Learn More About Our GAP Protection

GAP ProtectionFor many of us, our cars are like our home away from home. We can’t imagine life without a vehicle. Although it is not a problem commonly discussed, if your vehicle is declared a total loss due to an accident or theft, how can you ensure that you aren’t left responsible for the remaining balance of your car loan should this situation arise?

The answer: GAP Protection. GAP, or Guaranteed Auto Protection, gives drivers peace of mind, ensuring that they can recover quickly after the occurrence of a stressful (and often expensive) situation like car theft or an accident that leaves your vehicle totaled.

This protection plan covers the difference between the balance of your loan or lease payoff and the amount that your automobile insurance company will pay if your vehicle is stolen or declared a total loss. Why? Most drivers need to replace their vehicle quickly, but qualifying for a new loan or lease can be difficult if you have an outstanding balance on the loan or lease of your stolen or totaled vehicle. GAP Protection eliminates the trouble of out of pocket expenses, helping you to get back on your fee when a loss occurs.

Unless your car is completely paid off, GAP Protection is a great security option for you to consider, especially if:

  • You leased or financed your vehicle
  • You put less than 20% down
  • You financed accessories and/or add-ons
  • You financed negative equity

To learn more about GAP Protection and provide yourself with the peace of mind that this protection plan offers, contact PermaPlate by phone at 800-453-8470.

The Three Biggest Benefits of Adding a Backup Camera to Your Vehicle

car in reverseA standard feature in many new vehicles, the backup camera provides drivers with an incredibly useful safety feature. Also available as an aftermarket add-on, a backup camera can be added to any vehicle to minimize blind spots and make parking a breeze.

Eliminate Your Blind Zone

Did you know that without a backup camera installed, you have a blind spot reaching 20 feet behind your vehicle? That is a large amount of space to account for, and especially in busy parking lots and neighborhoods with many small children and pets, you can never be sure your blind spot is clear.

According to the NHTSA, between 58 and 69 lives could be saved each year if there were backup cameras were installed in all vehicles. So whether you are trying to parallel park on a busy street or are worried about hitting the neighbor’s cat that likes to sunbathe on your driveway, a backup camera can provide an added level of safety to your daily routine.

Make Parking Easy

Parallel parking is tough – especially if you don’t do it often – as is backing your car into a tight spot in a busy parking lot. Make your life easier and ensure you are always backing your vehicle up straight with a little assistance from your backup camera.

While a backup camera can’t do all the work for you, it can make the job less stressful, ensuring that you don’t tap another vehicle or a stray shopping cart.

Hook Up Your Trailer Quickly

For individuals who are new to using a trailer or have just purchased a camper for family vacations, a backup camera will make hooking up to your vehicle a breeze. Instead of backing up and pulling forward to straighten your truck out a few times, navigate your vehicle perfectly on the first try, impressing your friends and getting you on the road right away.

Not sure where to start when searching for a backup camera? Popular mechanics just put together a post titled “10 Best Backup Cameras for Your Car”. Check it out here for help finding a camera that suits your needs and budget.

Even with the assistance that backup cameras provide, accidents can still happen. To ensure that your vehicle looks its best throughout all of your adventures together, consider PermaPlate protection programs.

For more information, visit us online or contact us by phone at 800-453-8470.

Learn More About Our Paintless Dent Repair

paintless dent repairLittle dings and dents are often unavoidable and are extremely frustrating to see on your vehicle – especially when it is new. To keep your investment looking its best without unnecessary worry, PermaPlate offers a Paintless Dent Repair Program for the repair of dents and dings where the paint surface has not been broken.

How does Paintless Dent Repair work?

Paintless Dent Repair, or PDR, is a repair process that fixes dings and dents from the inside of the vehicle’s panel. With specially designed tools that reform the metal of your vehicle’s panel back into shape, our repairs are covered with a satisfaction guarantee.

Purchasing PDR for your vehicle has many advantages, all of which help to ensure that your new car will look its best and retain a high resale value. Benefits include:

  • Unlimited repairs for the term of the contract
  • Lifetime repair guarantee
  • No out-of-pocket expense
  • No deductible
  • Available for new and used vehicles
  • Mobile repair technicians, when available

 What is the repair process like?

Here at PermaPlate, we understand how frustrating it is to find a dent in your vehicle, which is why we work to make our repair process as simple as possible. When you notice a dent in your vehicle, just contact our customer service center to initiate a repair. Arrangements will be made to have repairs completed at a mutually convenient location.

For more information about PDR and PermaPlate’s other protection services, visit us online or contact us by phone today.

Four Tips for Purchasing a Used Vehicle

buying a used carWhether you are looking for a car that will get your high school senior to and from school or are interested in finding a winter ride with four-wheel drive, purchasing a used vehicle is a bit different than buying new. From vehicle history reports to Kelley Blue Book value, there are some new things to take into consideration.

Research Models You Like

Especially when purchasing a used vehicle, it can feel like your options are absolutely endless. Instead of allowing this thought to overwhelm you, we recommend doing some research and coming up with a specific list of vehicles you like.

Read reviews of the cars you think you will like most, and bring a list of choices with you to the dealership so you can test drive each of your favorite options. Kelley Blue Book is a great place to start your research, with consumer reviews, expert reviews and safety ratings all in one place.

Know What Features You Need

Power windows and locks are standard features in most new vehicles, but this may not be so when you are shopping for a used model. Regardless of if you would like leather seats, a sun roof or any other particular feature, be sure to share this information with your salesperson so they will only suggest vehicles that meet your specifications.

Ask Questions

Purchasing a new vehicle is fairly straightforward, but there are a lot more questions you may want to ask when shopping for a used vehicle. Here are just a few of the most important ones to take into consideration as you shop:

  • How many miles has the vehicle been driven?
  • Have there been any safety recalls?
  • How many miles to the gallon does the vehicle get?
  • Has the vehicle been in any accidents?

Review the Vehicle History Report

On top of asking questions about the particular vehicle you are interested in, remember to ask for a vehicle history report. This report can be printed right for you right at the dealership, and it will let you know how many owners the car has had, how many accidents have been reported and what maintenance has been performed over the years.

With these tips in mind, you will be well-armed to find and purchase a used vehicle that is in great condition. And once you purchase a vehicle, you will want to ensure that it stays in the best condition possible with PermaPlate’s automotive protection products. Learn more about your options online or contact us by phone at 800-453-8470 to find a dealership near you that offers PermaPlate protection.

Is a Hardtop or Soft Top Convertible Right for You?

convertible carHere at PermaPlate we can hardly believe that the official start of summer is just a month away! With the weather heating up and the sun shining until long after dinnertime, there is no car more enjoyable to cruise around in than the convertible. When it comes to shopping for one of these beautiful vehicles, there are a variety of different features to take into consideration – one of the most important of which is the type of top you choose.


If you are worried about someone breaking into your vehicle during evening hours or are interested in driving your convertible with the top up on chilly fall days, a hardtop is the better bet for you. More durable than the soft top, a hard top convertible will warm up more quickly when the top is up and will offer a much quieter drive in wind and rain.

For individuals who often use their trunk for storage, the hardtop convertible does have one drawback – the top of the vehicle typically stows itself away into the trunk space.

Soft Top

Typically less expensive in price than hardtop convertibles, soft tops have the well-loved, completely unmistakable “convertible look” about them even when the top is up. Perfect for hot summer days, soft top convertibles are lighter – and therefore faster – than their hardtop counterparts.

They can be a bit loud to drive in when it’s rainy, and they are not ideal if you plan on driving your convertible through the cool fall months, as the fabric top does not contain heat as well as a metal one would.

Regardless of which type of convertible is right for you, PermaPlate can provide your beautiful new vehicle with the protection you need to keep it looking its best, regardless of what Mother Nature throws at you during your summer travels. From windshield protection to paintless dent repair, we have a wide variety of protection programs available to suit all of your vehicle needs.

Get Your Vehicle Summer Ready

vehicle packed for summerEveryone talks about the importance of stocking your vehicle full of winter supplies, but keeping the summer essentials in your trunk is just as important! As the school season nears its close and you prepare for a summer of afternoon adventures with your family, we recommend taking a quick inventory of the supplies in your car – adding these summer essentials in with your jumper cables and first aid kit.

Summer Snacks

Whether you are taking a day trip or just driving home from soccer practice, chances are your children will be hungry for a snack. We recommend keeping a stash of heat resistant snacks – like crackers, granola bars and dry cereal – to keep your passengers happy.


Children and dogs alike have a tendency to end up in mud puddles and bodies of water during summer adventures, making a couple extra towels necessary for keeping your vehicle clean. After a day of hiking or an impromptu trip to the beach, you’ll be glad you added these items to your summer checklist.

Sun Screen & Insect Repellant

Sunburn and bug bites are two of the biggest pains of summer, so keep your family protected from day to night by storing sunscreen and insect repellant in your vehicle. A can of each is sure to come in handy.

Spare Change

From lemonade stands to farmer’s markets and ice cream shacks, there are a few important summer stops that may not take credit cards. Ensure you and your family can enjoy all the best treats of summer by stocking your center console full of spare change as the weather gets warm. Your children and your stomach are sure to thank you.

As you store these important items in your vehicle, be sure to check your first aid kit to ensure that it is stocked full of band aids and allergy medicine. Summer is one of the most enjoyable and exciting times of the year, and we at PermaPlate hope you have a fun and safe summer on the road with your family!

Whether you are looking to provide your family with extra protection from the sun or are hoping to keep the interior surfaces of your vehicle free of stains, PermaPlate has a wide range of protection programs for you to consider. For more information, visit us online or contact us by phone at 800-453-8470.

Learn More about Our Window Tints

tinted windowsTinted windows are a great way to increase privacy while protecting your family from the sun’s harmful rays. Tinted windows also reduce glare and heat for a safer, more comfortable ride.  PermaPlate offers two different types of window tints, both of which are available in five levels, depending on your state laws and preferences.

SolarPlate IR Premium Window Tint

Able to reduce heat levels in your vehicle up to 60 percent, SolarPlate IR Window Tints create a more comfortable ride while reducing stress on your air conditioning unit. These tints are available in a variety of color options and come with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring that they won’t bubble or peel.

IR Window Tints block up to 99 percent of UV rays from the sun for maximum protection during travel. This window tint is made from non-metalized and nonconductive materials, ensuring that you won’t have any trouble with your GPS, keyless entry or cell phone.

SolarPlate SPC Classic Window Tint

Similar to the IR Window Tints, SolarPlate SPC Window Tints are made from non-metalized materials and are able to block up to 99 percent of UV rays. The biggest differences between the SPC and the IR Window Tints are that the SPC Window Tints reduce heat up to 47 percent instead of 60 percent and are available in slightly different color options.

The SPC Window Tints are available in a variety of soft charcoal shades, pairing well with any vehicle color.

Both options will never turn purple and will keep you and your family safe from prying eyes and the sun’s harmful UV rays, and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

For more information and to find a dealership near you that can apply PermaPlate’s window tints, contact us by phone at 800-453-8470.

Stick Shift in 2016

standard transmission 2016Although stick shift is common in vehicles across Europe, these third-petal cars have all but disappeared here in the United States. According to Edmunds.com, manual transmission vehicles only made up about 7 percent of sales in 2012, and this number may have dropped even lower in more recent years. And if you are searching to purchase a new car this year and one of your “must-haves” is a stick shift, your options may be limited.

Luckily, there are still a number of auto makers offering a manual transmission version of their most exciting 2016 models.

2016 BMW M5

An incredible vehicle that was only available with manual transmission until 2005, the BMW M5 is the sport sedan all others compare themselves to. Unfortunately, BMW has decided to get rid of the manual transmission option in future models of the M5 and M6, leaving the M3 and M4 as your only options for driving stick in years to come.

2016 Chevy SS

If you are searching for a full-size sedan offering stick shift in 2016, the Chevrolet SS is one of the only options available. With a four-star rating from Car and Driver, this vehicle is definitely worth a look.

2016 Dodge Viper

An exhilarating reminder of the muscle cars of the 1960s, what would a Dodge Viper be without standard transmission? Another Dodge favorite that offers a six-speed manual transmission: the 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.

2016 Jeep Wrangler

What would the Jeep Wrangler be without manual transmission? All two-door Wranglers come equipped with this option, because there is nothing more fun that traversing uncharted terrain with a six-speed stick shift and four-wheel drive.

2016 Dodge Ram 2500

Just like the Chevy SS, the 2016 Dodge Ram 2500 is the last of its kind. If you are searching for a heavy-duty pickup truck with a stick, this American-made vehicle is your only option.

Regardless of if you prefer to drive stick or automatic, PermaPlate understands just how important your new vehicle is to you, which is why we offer such a wide range of protection programs.

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Five Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle’s Interior Clean

cleaning vehicle interiorRegardless of if you typically drive alone or have a back seat filled with children, your new vehicle can get messy in the blink of an eye. With a few simple tricks you can keep your vehicle looking almost as perfect as it did when you drove it off the dealership lot.

Take Out the Items You Bring with You

The easiest way to keep your vehicle clean is to make a point to take out every item you put into it. For example, instead of leaving your sneakers in the back seat after your trip to the gym, take them out to ensure the stinky shoe odor doesn’t linger. The same goes for your morning cup of coffee, your child’s snack wrappers and the bills you set on the seat next to you.

By taking out everything you bring into your car as you get out of it the next time, you will prevent clutter from building up while reducing the likelihood of spills and foul odors.

Keep Trash Bags On Hand

Another way to keep things clean in your vehicle is to keep a couple trash bags on hand. Placed in your glove compartment, these will come in handy quickly. Don’t have many passengers in your front seat? Secure a bag to your passenger’s side door handle and fill it with the little pieces of garbage – like straw and gum wrappers – that typically litter your floor.

Wipe Down Surfaces

While you are stocking up on vehicle cleaning supplies, you may also want to add sanitizing wipes to your arsenal. It is common for surfaces inside your car to get dusty, and wiping them down every week or so will keep your interior clean while also adding a fresh scent!

Perform Monthly Cleaning

If daily cleaning isn’t for you, another great way to keep the interior of your vehicle in top shape is performing a monthly cleaning. Vacuum the carpets, wipe down surfaces, and clean out all the clutter that has been stashed in cup holders and beneath seats. Regular cleaning will breathe fresh life into your car, making every day you drive more enjoyable.

Add a Layer of Protection

Whether it is made of leather or cloth, add an extra layer of protection to your vehicle’s upholstery with an interior protection program from PermaPlate. Learn more about our Fiberguard and Leatherguard products here, and contact us by phone at 800-453-8470 to find a dealer that offers PermaPlate protection near you.

Learn More About Our Windshield Protection

windshield protectionFrom road debris to water spots, there are many different things that can affect the windshield of your vehicle. And there is nothing more important than being able to see clearly when you are behind the wheel of your car. PermaPlate understands how important it is to keep your family and your vehicle safe while on the road, which is why we offer windshield protection for new and used vehicles.

Our windshield program helps keep your windshield free from chips and cracks, also ensuring that covered damage will be repaired without additional out-of-pocket costs. Our glass treatment involves a unique molecular coupling agent that creates a protective coating that strengthens the glass on your vehicle and creates a protective shield against propelled road debris.

Creating a molecularly stronger surface, PermaPlate windshield protection lowers the friction coefficient of the glass, deflecting road debris with ease and improving glass clarity even during rain and snow. Other benefits include:

  • Protection against acid rain and water spots
  • Water, ice and snow repellant
  • Improved rain vision
  • Reduced night glare
  • Easy removal of bugs

If windshield damage does occur, there are no out-of-pocket expenses to worry about, and no unnecessary claims to file with your insurance company. PermaPlate works with Safelite, the only national company with an internal certification program that insures compliance with the American National Standard Institute auto-glass replacement safety standards. This ensures that your repairs are done correctly and quickly, with one hour drive-away time adhesive for windshield installation.

To learn more about PermaPlate’s windshield protection and to find a local dealership that can apply it for you, contact us by phone at 800-453-8470.

8 Safety Tips For Your Next Road Trip

family road tripWith summer drawing near, the whole family is excited for your next road trip. But how can you make sure that the trip will be the family fun event you’re all expecting it to be? Most large family cars come with plenty of safety features nowadays, but the old saying “you can never be too prepared” is certainly one to pay attention to.

If you want everyone to enjoy their vacation as much as possible, then it’s best to be prepared. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

1. Make Sure Your Car is Well-Maintained

Get a tune-up a few days before the journey to ensure your car is in good condition and that there won’t be any sudden breakdowns on the open road.

2. Plan Your Route and Driving Schedule

Bring a map (or consult your GPS) and decide on which roads to take and what places you will visit ahead of time. Schedule breaks in between long drives to help you rest and avoid falling asleep while driving.

3. Have an Emergency Kit on Hand

Bring everything you need for emergency car repairs, including a flashlight with batteries. A first aid kit with medicine and bandages is also ideal in case any family members get sick.

4. Be Dressed to Go

Before getting on the road, make sure to dress comfortably and pack sunglasses and a bottle of sunscreen. Driving into the bright sun can impair your visibility, and although your tinted windows protect against UV exposure you are sure to be stopping regularly for bathroom breaks and opportunities to stretch. Especially in the hot summer sun, these breaks from your vehicle can result in sunburn – and there is no worse time to experience this pain than while sitting in your vehicle during a long trip.

5. Organized and Safe Back Seat

Clean out the back seat of your vehicle before your trip, checking to ensure that there are no items that could be choking hazards or injure your children by accident.

6. Strap Everyone in Securely

The most basic of all car safety rules can save your lives. Older children and grownups should be wearing their seatbelts all the time, while little ones should be properly secured in their car seats.

7. Pack and Stow Properly

Pack your items neatly in your bags and arrange everything properly in the trunk of the vehicle so that nothing gets spilled or broken while you’re driving down bumpy roads.

 8. Be Prepared for Bad Weather

You never know when the weather might change, so bring waterproof items and clothing and keep them inside of your vehicle within reach in case you need to get out into rain or snow.

Now that you’ve got everything and everyone ready, take a deep breath and relax.  Unforeseen circumstances can always occur, but with this advice you will be able to deal with them as they arise and have an incredible family vacation.

Regardless of what experiences you face out on the open road, PermaPlate offers the protection you need to keep your vehicle in top shape. Learn more about our products online or contact us at 800-4553-8470 to find a dealership near you that offers PermaPlate protection.