Nissan reveals two new collision avoidance technologies

Cars have come a long way in car safety. Recently Nissan just published two new collision avoidance technologies.

“Forward Collision Avoidance Assist Concept,” is intended to help drivers avoid hitting vehicles ahead of them that may have come to a stop or are traveling significantly slower, while also helping to reduce the chance of a rear-end collision by helping to avoid sudden braking. The system will continue to monitor the vehicle in front, adding additional stopping power as necessary, as well as tightening the driver’s seatbelt pretensioner.

The second technology unveiled by Nissan is intended to give drivers assistance in identifying moving objects around the vehicle at lower speeds. The technology, known as “Moving Object Detection,” utilizes sensors to detect the presence of pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles. The system will then notify the driver of the object’s presence with an audible warning, as well as with the screen display.”

Nissan reveals two new collision avoidance technologies

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