Self-Driving Cars are Real But They Are Not Yet a Reality

Self-driving vehicles are being developed and tweaked every day, and although a human could never safely get into one today, we might find ourselves in one eventually.

Congested traffic is a nightmare that people despise.  It is believed traffic jams are frequently caused by poor driver reaction times. Human beings are slow to react to traffic when it is stop and go, which causes slowdowns and standstill traffic. Self-driving cars would have advanced abilities to reduce the occurrence of traffic jams. In fact, they are being designed with this feature in mind. However, self-driving vehicles cannot safely transport humans at this point.

Not one self-driving vehicle to date can be operated without a human behind the wheel to adjust the vehicle when something goes wrong, 52661010 - driverless self driving car technology concept. side profile young handsome man using laptop computer while driving a carwhich obviously does not make it self-driving. Currently, self-driving cars can only get so far before they face an issue they do not know how to respond to. Certain cars, such as Mercedes for instance, cannot operate in self-driving mode for long before they require human hands on the wheel. Most self-driving cars are still experiencing autopilot crashes as well thus making them unsafe for human passengers.

In order for self-driving cars to work, vehicle-to-vehicle communication must work, which essentially means cars within a hundred meters of each other will be able to communicate their speed, position, brake status, and more to each other. Vehicle-to-infrastructure would also have to work, which means infrastructures around the road would gather information on traffic and suggest certain behaviors on certain traffic.

Self-driving vehicles are certainly far off in the future, but it could, and likely will, one day happen. We may be able to drive distracted in the future while remaining safe but for now, your full attention is required.

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