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Self-Driving Cars Threaten Bike Riders

It is a matter of time before self-driving cars are coasting down our streets on a daily basis. As companies work tirelessly to produce self-driving cars, they work on getting the cars to recognize pedestrians, birds, and so forth. However, self-driving cars are struggling to identify bicycles, posing as a threat to the pedestrians that… Read more »

Traffic Fatalities Increasing Even Though Vehicle Safety at an All Time High

Bad accident

Over the last several decades, vehicle manufacturers have worked hard to make cars, trucks, and SUVs safer. From adding airbags throughout vehicles to changing the materials used to build them, they have made great strides when it has come to safety. Nevertheless, despite this, the National Safety Council—a nonprofit organization that uses data obtained from… Read more »

AEB Systems a Standard Feature By September 2022

A feature that goes by many names, you have probably heard of auto emergency braking, or AEB, if you have been paying attention to recent car commercials. Called “Active City Stop” by Ford and “PRE-SAFE Brake” by Mercedes-Benz, AEB systems use sensors, lasers and cameras to monitor for potential collisions, alerting drivers to danger on… Read more »

Our Top Five Defensive Driving Tips

The longer you drive, the more confident you become behind the wheel. And sometimes this confidence can cause you to forget that not everyone is paying as close attention to the road as you are. Whether you are teaching your teen to drive and are looking for some good advice to give them, or you… Read more »

Are You Making These Common Winter Vehicle Mistakes?

As drivers across the country face freezing temperatures and winter whiteouts, we are reminded of the fact that vehicles don’t always function well when facing cold weather conditions and that drivers sometimes play a role in the problems that can occur. PermaPlate has put together a list of driver mistakes that can cause extra harm… Read more »