The Weekend In Review: Autonomous Car News

autonomous vehiclesAs we saw at CES 2016, completely autonomous cars are on the horizon with companies like Tesla, Mercedes and BMW already releasing vehicles with self-driving features. Over the past weekend a Tesla software update went live and Ford announced a plan to test drive self-driving vehicles in the snow, bringing us one step closer to having fully autonomous cars on the roads.

Remote-Control Parking

The new Tesla software update that was introduced this weekend gives more than 60,000 vehicles the ability to park themselves – without a driver inside. To operate this remote-control parking feature, the car’s driver must stand less than ten feet away from the vehicle, directing it into its spot using their key fob or Tesla smart phone app. A useful way to park a car into a tight spot, the update also allows your vehicle to exit its spot when summoned and to open and close your garage door.

Autonomous Vehicles and Snow

With snow falling in Detroit, Ford has announced that it will be conducting self-driving car tests at Mcity, a University of Michigan test facility that focuses on the simulation of real-life driving conditions to better prepare autonomous car technology for the roads. Since autonomous cars use sensors to read lane markers and tell where other vehicles are, driving in snowy conditions has been a difficult complication to get around. This winter, Ford, Google and Uber will all be working to overcome this hurdle and we look forward to seeing what answers they come up with.

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