Toyota Offering Self Drive Features

We don’t know about you, but we thought that by 2015 we would be able to sit back and enjoy a nice cup of coffee while our car drove to work for us. However, most automotive companies say that won’t happen until 2020. Of all the car companies out there, Toyota is the closet to making our dreams a reality. They are stating that by 2015, the car might not be able to drive itself to work, but there are a couple of cool autonomous features to get excited about.

The first feature is known as Lane Trace Control. It’s as simple as it sounds (well don’t tell the engineers that we said that.) Sensors mounted on the car will actively monitor the lane that a driver is in and actively steer the car to stay in that lane.

The second feature is a hyped up version of cruise control. Instead of maintaining a set speed, it will monitor the cars in front and adjust speed based on the speed traffic.

We understand that before a car can drive itself, the driver must be trained to let the car do the work. So we applaud the efforts by Toyota to make this happen.

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