Toyota to Offer Six New Hybrid Models in 2012 –

Toyota continues to shows their commitment to producing greener cars. They have been working with Tesla motors to improve battery performance and faster production times. Toyota will soon be offering six hybrid models including an electric RAV4 to be sold in 2012.

Some of the six all-new hybrid models will be sold in North America, the largest hybrid market. The mix will include dedicated hybrids as well as all-new hybrid versions of existing vehicles, Mr. Hanson said. With the six, Toyota will sell 20 hybrid models globally.

Toyota expects to sell more than 20,000 Priuses annually at a per-unit cost of from $3,500 to $5,000 more than a comparably equipped gas-electric Prius. Depending on trim level, the base price for a conventional Prius can range from $23,000 to $33,000.

Toyota to Offer Six New Hybrid Models in 2012 –

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