2016 Jaguar F-type adds AWD

The Jaguar F type has been a huge hit with with consumers and many wonder if the new F type will live up to all the hype. Small changes have been made to the new F type including an all new AWD system.

The new AWD system — which Jaguar is calling Instinctive All Wheel Drive — is rear biased. In normal conditions most of the power is automatically sent to the rear wheels. The fronts are only called upon when necessary, usually to pull you out of a slippery situation. Jaguar engineers worked hard to maintain, on the AWD models, the wonderfully wild RWD character which has come to define the F-Type driving experience.

Source:  http://www.ctvnews.ca/autos/first-drive-2016-jaguar-f-type-adds-awd-keeps-momentum-going-1.2415328

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