2017 Black Friday Car Shopping Tips

Advice on Car ShoppingWith Thanksgiving approaching, many people are preparing to go shopping on Black Friday for deals on clothing, electronics, footwear, and more.

If you want to make the most out of your Black Friday, you should consider going car shopping for major deals.

Black Friday sales have become a major focus for car dealerships. In fact, 15 percent of November car sales take place on Black Friday weekend. If you’re looking to purchase a new car, consider shopping around this weekend.

Look for Incentives

If you are planning to car shop on Black Friday, do your research beforehand and seek out automakers that are offering incentives. Look for valuable incentives such as cash back, zero percent financing, zero money down, and so forth.

Look for Closeouts

The end of 2017 means that 2018 is just around the corner, and so are the 2018 car models. The end of November is when many dealerships will start to get a surplus of 2018 cars so those 2017 models must go in order to space for updated models. Many dealerships sell 2017 cars for discounted rates in order to make room for new models.

Look for Demand Shifts

Throughout the years, the type of car that people are looking for changes. As public demand shifts, people often start looking for specific types of cars and dealerships must keep up. For example, SUV sales increased drastically in October and as a result, some dealerships that have a surplus of cars will likely mark them down.

Deals to Look For

If you are thinking about purchasing a car this Friday, take a look at some discounts that Forbes highlighted. Buick, Chevrolet, Ford, and more all have incentives and discounts available. Some are offering discounts off the stickered price and others are offering zero percent financing.

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