Amazon Alexa Could Change Car Industry

Amazon Alexa in CarsWith every passing year, improving technology has been a major focus of the car industry. Cars now come with an exceptional amount of technology but many manufacturers are focusing on using outside technology to improve cars.

Many automakers are now using the technology of Amazon’s Alexa in order to use certain car functions that would typically require keys.

Nissan recently revealed that certain models will soon be able to use Amazon’s Alexa technology through the NissanConnect Services. Some models that will be equipped with this technology include the 2018 Armada, 2017 Maxima, 2016 and 2017 Rogue, and the 2017 Titan.

Amazon Alexa will be able to perform a variety of standard functions including starting the car, unlocking and locking the car, turning on the lights, or honking the horn. Certain functions will require users to state a four-digit PIN for security and safety reasons.

Several car manufacturers are currently working with Amazon Alexa to incorporate this technology into their new models. Last week, Amazon revealed that it is adding Alexa technology to all BMW cars and even some MINI cars as of 2018. For BMW, Alexa will be able to open garage doors, display weather graphics, and more.

This is one major attempt that Amazon is making to join forces with the automotive industry. Car data is predicated to become an extremely valuable industry in years to come, and Amazon is doing what they can to play a part in that growth.

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