Are Our Cities Ready for an Increase in Electric Vehicles?

electric car chargingThe unveiling of Tesla Motors’ Model 3 vehicle has caused quite a stir throughout the automotive community. Starting at $35,000 with a battery range of 215 miles, Model 3 sedans have the potential to change the marketplace. But Tesla’s new vehicle, along with the increase of other electric vehicles on the market, has many individuals wondering if cities across the US are ready to handle an influx of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs).

Especially in the country’s largest cities, many car owners do not have garages of their own where they can charge their electric vehicles at night. This makes the placement of charging stations throughout the area a key factor in the purchasing of an electric vehicle, and according to an Indiana University study, Portland, Oregon is the major city most ready to accommodate PEVs.

Portland and other top-rated cities have each taken a unique approach to help encourage the use of PEVs, offering good ideas for other cities looking to increase their number of PEV drivers. For example, PEV drivers in Honolulu, Hawaii are exempt from parking fees and those in Austin, Texas pay less than $5 a month for unlimited charging at more than 250 public stations.

With the Tesla Model 3, revamped versions of the Chevy Bolt and Nissan Leaf, and a new electric vehicle Hyundai entering the market, there are many different options for car owners to consider when purchasing a new vehicle. And with the introduction of autonomous vehicles drawing nearer, accessible PEV charging stations may soon serve more than one purpose. The perfect place for autonomous vehicles to park between customers, these areas can serve as a hub for the companies that own self-driving cars.

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