Are You Making These Common Winter Vehicle Mistakes?

winter car problemsAs drivers across the country face freezing temperatures and winter whiteouts, we are reminded of the fact that vehicles don’t always function well when facing cold weather conditions and that drivers sometimes play a role in the problems that can occur. PermaPlate has put together a list of driver mistakes that can cause extra harm to a vehicle during the cold winter months.

Not Changing the Windshield Wipers

While proper visibility is important regardless of the season, it is even more important when facing snowy winter weather. We have all been guilty of putting off changing our windshield wipers, but this year, pay close attention to the clarity through which you can see the road and make sure to switch out your old wipers for a new set as soon as the wipers start to leave streaks on the window.

Forgetting To Check Tire Pressure

The colder the weather gets, the more the pressure in your tires can decrease, which is why we recommend checking your tire pressure regularly to ensure that they are at the optimal pressure for your vehicle. Not only will maintaining the correct tire pressure help to ensure better handling in snowy weather, but it will also help your tire to wear evenly.

Letting the Gas Tank Reach Empty

To prevent your fuel line from freezing, it is extremely important to keep your vehicle filled throughout the cold winter season. We all get in a rush to get home and let the fuel gage trickle lower and lower, but try to remember to fill up before your gas tank dips below one half, your vehicle will thank you!

To help ensure your car looks and drives its best throughout its lifetime, PermaPlate offers appearance protection programs including fiberguard, leatherguard, paintguard, rustguard and soundguard. Regardless of what winter weather conditions you face, we are here to keep your vehicle in the best shape possible.


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