Ask Yourself These Questions Before Shopping for a New Car

shopping for a new carPurchasing a new vehicle is a big commitment, and with so many options to consider, finding the right one for your lifestyle can seem like a daunting task. Before you start shopping, we recommend developing a general idea of what you want – and need – by answering these questions.

What Size Vehicle Do You Need?

The easiest way to narrow down your search for the perfect vehicle is by deciding what features you need. First, think about the number of passengers you typically drive with. If you have three or more children, your vehicle needs will be extensively different than someone who is single. And while sedans typically offer better fuel mileage than SUVs and trucks, they don’t have all the same capabilities. For example, if you need to tow a boat or camper or bring a few kayaks along on vacation with you, you may need the extra space provided by a larger vehicle.

What Features Would You Like?

Once you have decided what size and style vehicle you are interested in, it is time to think about specific features. Do you prefer to drive manual or automatic? Are heated seats a must? Does your family need a DVD player in the back? Make a list of the features you would prefer your vehicle to have and bring them along with you when it’s time to test drive the cars you love most to help narrow your choices down.

Do You Feel Comfortable?

Now that you are ready to test drive some cars, pay attention to how you feel inside each vehicle. The car you choose will probably be with you for years to come, so if the seat is uncomfortable or you think the trunk might be a little too small, you will have to live with this for a while. When you find your perfect vehicle, you will know.

Regardless of what vehicle you decide to purchase, PermaPlate is here to insure that your brand new car stays in the best shape possible. Our automotive protection programs are designed to keep your vehicle in top shape, just like it was when you purchased it!

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