Audi Plans to Connect Cars & Traffic Signals

traffic lightFor all those drivers who despise sitting at red lights, uncertain of when they will change to green, Audi is rolling out a new service that will count you down to the switch. Often referred to as “V-to-I” technology, the feature connects your vehicle to Traffic Technology Services over a wireless, cloud-based network.

With V-to-I installed in your vehicle, a timer will display on your dashboard in the moments leading up to the traffic light’s switch from red to green. This timer will appear a few seconds before the light changes, giving drivers plenty of time to assess their surrounding and get ready to get back into motion.

According to Pom Malhotra, general manager of Audi’s connected vehicles division, the V-to-I feature is “…designed not as a safety feature but a comfort and convenience feature.” It allows drivers to relax when they are stopped at a red light – instead of staring unblinkingly, willing it to change.

Unlike many apps that are available to enhance driver experience via smartphone, the traffic light information feature will be available only through Audi’s paid Connect Prime service. A service that includes music streaming as well as traffic and safety features Connect Prime costs between $25 and $33 per month.

The unique traffic signal feature will be rolled out in five to seven cities across the United States and will only be available in 2017 models with Audi Connect (including Q7 and A4) that are built after June 1, 2016. Information on the cities that will feature this new technology has yet to be disclosed, but we at PermaPlate will be keeping an eye out for the news!


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