Audi to Launch Vehicle-Integrated Toll Collection

If you’re one of the many Americans that rely on the convenience of E-ZPass as you travel on tolled roads each day, you may be interested to hear about the new technology Audi is slated to launch later this year. Instead of having to set up and attach a small device to your windshield for the tolls to recognize, Audi’s new vehicle-integrated toll payment technology will be built in and ready to go.

Audi to Offer Alternative to E-ZPass

The Integrated Toll Module (ITM) is a toll payment technology that will be incorporated into select Audi models beginning later this year.

This system will not only provide a level of convenience for Audi drivers, but with its strategic installation in the rearview mirror, the transponder will eliminate the need for stick-on tags or additional collection devices. This aims to declutter your windshield and eliminate the need to manage multiple accounts.

The module will be compatible with almost every toll system in the U.S., as well as parts of Canada and Mexico.

The ITM is developed to be very user-friendly and will allow drivers to adjust the settings through an easily accessible infotainment system. Drivers will have the ability to control all settings, including changing occupancy for regions with carpool requirements, as well as the ability to turn the module on and off.

Audi is the first automaker to launch this innovative technology, but as previously mentioned, the ITM will only be integrated in select vehicles, which have not been announced yet.  However, the auto manufacturer did feature an A8 interior during the initial press announcement, so we have a hunch that it will be one of the few models to feature the new technology.