Automakers are Doing Away with Spare Tires

If you have recently purchased a new car, take a look inside of it to see if you can find a spare tire tucked away. Can’t seem to find one? You’re not alone.

The majority of new cars are no longer coming equipped with spare tires.

In fact, a AAA analysis revealed that over a third of the cars sold in 2015 did not have a spare tire included in them.

In 2016 thus far, just 22.9Automakers are Doing Away with Spare Tires percent of cars sold came with a spare tire.

In place of the spare tire, many car manufacturers are instead equipping cars with sealant kits to give drivers some sort of a solution if they do get a flat tire. These kits are supposed to repair and inflate a tire until you can get it somewhere to be repaired or replaced. However, just as many cars are being sold without sealant kits now as well.

Car manufacturers are getting rid of spare tires in cars to make the cars lighter.

The weight of a car affects the fuel efficiency of a car. By eliminating the spare tire, the car becomes lighter and more fuel-efficient. In some instances, leaving the spare tire out of the car can save up to 100 pounds. Car manufacturers are being held to high standards when it comes to fuel economy and the demise of the spare tire is a direct result of this.

To name a few, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda are now being required to supply tire repair kits instead of spare tires. 28 percent of new cars sold in 2016 came with tire repairs kits and the number has been slowly increasing.

For drivers, not having a spare tire will mean calling and waiting for roadside assistance or waiting for a tow truck to come retrieve your car.

If you are planning to purchase a car soon, ask about getting a spare tire that will fit your vehicle.

You can now purchase spare tires as an add-on if they are not included, and chances are, your new car won’t come with one.

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