Paint Protection Film

When you drive your car off the lot, it has that special, new car smell, sheen and feel. Everything is perfect – the paint is bright, vibrant and smooth and free of any blemishes. But no matter how careful you may be, no matter how far away you park from other cars or how slowly you drive around construction sites, your car’s paint will not stay pristine forever, but PermaPlate’s paint protection film can protect your prized auto from years of chips and scratches.

Our paint protection film lets you relax a bit and take away your worries about damage to your vehicle’s paint job. The protection film is an excellent form of auto chip and scratch protection, custom designed to cover your vehicle and keep the paint and body of your vehicle in pristine condition. You won’t have to worry about buying touch-up paint that doesn’t quite match or paying large amounts of money to professionally paint over and sand out scratches and chips.

Our auto paint protection film is virtually invisible, and it does not affect the color or luster of your car’s original paint color. Your car is a big investment, and we want to keep your investment safe as long as possible. Having auto chip and scratch protection film added to your car or truck can add value to your vehicle and protect that investment.

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