Tire & Wheel Protection

Tire and Wheel Damage

Flat tires, bent wheels and damaged rims are common automotive problems caused by driving on damaged and unmaintained roadways. And when your vehicle experiences the sudden jolt from hitting a pothole, curb or road debris, your car most likely needs attention sooner rather than later.

Potholes: A Common Cause of Tire and Wheel Damage

  1. According to AAA U.S. drivers spend $3 billion annually on automotive repairs related to pothole damage
  2. 64% of drivers are concerned about potholes
  3. U.S. drivers that experienced pothole damage that required repair had it happen an average of three times in the last five years according to Firestone Complete Auto Care

PermaPlate Axis Tire and Wheel Program

PermaPlate Axis Tire and Wheel Program protects drivers from costs associated with damage to the tire or rim due to an impact with potholes, curbs, nails, glass, rocks, tree limbs or any other object or hazard not normally found in the roadway.


  1. Reimbursement for damage caused to tire and rim due to road hazards
  2. No per occurrence limit
  3. No deductible
  4. Curb and cosmetic coverage
  5. Transferable coverage upon resale

PermaPlate Tire & Wheel Program can be purchased at participating automotive dealerships. Contact us at 800-453-8470 to find a dealership near you.

See your contract for coverage details and limitations