Window Tint

Tinting your vehicle’s windows can do a lot more than make your car look stylish. It can help your vehicle retain value and keep the upholstery from fading. At PermaPlate, our window tinting services safely and cleanly provide a consistent tint on your vehicle’s windows, offering extra protection and style.

The harsh rays of the sun cause considerably more harm than making your vehicle uncomfortably hot. Heat and sun damages your car’s interior over time, fading your upholstery and decreasing the value of your vehicle. Sunlight can cause leather and suede upholstery to become discolored and cracked over time, but vehicle window tinting protects that upholstery and keeps your car looking new.

Tinted windows also prevent your car from reaching high temperatures, and it can prevent fading on other components of your car, like dashboards, center consoles or floor mats. In addition to protecting your car’s upholstery, vehicle window tinting can provide greater protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. It can also decrease glare from outside reflective surfaces or headlights and make driving safer. Tinted windows also provide more privacy and may even lower your of a break-in. If people cannot see valuables in your car, they will be less likely to bother trying to break in to your vehicle.

There are many different vehicle window tinting options available at PermaPlate, and our cutting-edge technologies can ensure a precise cut and smooth fit over your car or truck windows. To learn more and determine the ideal window tinting shade for you, call PermaPlate today at 800-453-8470.