Avoid These Common Vehicle Care Mistakes

avoid potholes to protect your vehicleWhether it is leaving the back windows open or ignoring potholes, there are lots of little things we do every day that can cause damage to our vehicles. Almost all drivers have little habits that can harm their car, and most people aren’t even aware of what they are doing. Regardless of if you have just purchased a new vehicle or are interested in maintaining the one you have owned for years, consider these driving don’ts the next time you get behind the wheel.

Water Damage

At one time or another, every driver has forgotten to close their car window or sunroof completely and the rain has come down. Soaked carpets and seats are uncomfortable and smelly, thanks to the mold that loves to grow in dark, damp places. Depending on how much water gets in, electronic systems can also be damaged, leading to quite the repair bill. Take the time to do a check of your car as you get out each day, making sure all windows and the sunroof are closed.

Regular Maintenance

Checking fluid levels and tire pressure are two regular components of owning a car that most of us forget to do. To avoid unnecessary wear on your tires and damage to your engine, be sure to check levels regularly – at least twice a month. Also have your oil changed and tires rotated every six months or 5,000 miles maximum.

Lights on the Dashboard

To keep your car running in top condition, be sure to schedule an appointment to have it looked at anytime a warning light appears on the dashboard. Many of us are guilty of continuing to drive around after these lights come on, but this can turn a small problem into a much bigger one.

Ignoring Bumps and Curbs

Whether you aren’t paying close enough attention to the road or are using the curb to help you parallel park, curbs and potholes can do a lot of damage to vehicles. Pay close attention to the road as you drive, slowing down or driving around potholes to keep your suspension in good shape.

To keep your vehicle looking its best, consider PermaPlate and our aftermarket appearance protection programs. Whether it is stained seats or dinged rims, accidents happen.  There are PermaPlate protection options for every surface of the vehicle and our warranties guarantee that covered damages will be remedied by professionals that implement the latest reconditioning techniques.

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