Avoiding Environmental Factors to Protect Your Vehicle

man washing his carFrom tree sap to splattered bugs and water spotting, there are many environmental factors encountered every day that can deteriorate the paint on your vehicle, creating discoloration and a spotty appearance. These unattractive marks are frustrating for a variety of reasons, including the decrease in resale value that they cause. Prevention of such damage from the beginning is why PermaPlate recommends purchasing appearance protection products to guard against marring your new vehicle and to keep it looking its best.

Pay Attention Where You Park

Keep your vehicle free of unwanted paint damage by paying attention to where you park. While many car owners like to park under trees for the shade, these spots can cause bigger problems than a hot seat. Tree sap can cause damage to your vehicle, which is extremely difficult to get off. Wiping this glue-like substance will likely only spread it around and once it is baked on, deterioration begins. Some polish can remove this nuisance substance, but they can also compromise the mirror-like finish of a vehicle’s paint. Bug and tar remover and clay bar treatments are your best options to fight tree sap, however caution must be used to ensure that proper techniques are followed.

Another parking danger to avoid is automatic sprinklers. What harm can water do? More than most of us imagine! The minerals that water leaves behind on your car or truck can create spotting that is tough to remove. Pay attention to where you are parking to avoid these water spots and problems.

Clean Up After Wildlife

From the splattering of bugs to the birds that leave unwanted droppings on the painted surface, wildlife can cause damage to your vehicle’s appearance. Both bug guts and bird droppings are acidic in nature, causing them to eat away at your car’s exterior. Wipe these unsightly markings away as soon as you have a chance.

Avoid damage to your paint with PermaPlate products. Our appearance protection products can keep the exterior of your vehicle safe from environmental damage and everyday mishaps. Our warranty guarantees that covered damages will be remedied by professionals that implement the latest reconditioning techniques. From the paint protection to windshield protection, and more, there are PermaPlate protection options for every visible surface of the vehicle.

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