BMW’s New Electric i3 Car is a Lightweight

We literally mean lightweight. At the Frankfurt Auto Show, BMW revealed it’s new plans to make the BMW i3 electric car reach a longer range by creating the body of the car out of carbon fiber. This will help counteract the heavier battery needed to reach a longer range.

You might be asking yourself why this matters? While carbon fiber has been used in a variety of cars as parts, it’s still extremely expensive, thus making the entire car extremely expensive if the whole thing is made out of carbon fiber. BMW has taken on this challenge by teaming up with a manufacture to help produce large sheets of carbon fiber that can not only be used for car parts, but you guessed it, for the building of entire cars.

BMW is convinced that carbon possesses ideal properties.
“It’s very sturdy, but it’s much lighter than steel and aluminum,” Schraidt points out.
The lighter the car, the longer the range.
“The greater the range, the more attractive the car.”

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