Can I Use Wax on my PermaPlate Paintguard?

With the Perma Plate Paintguard there is no need for old fashioned waxing. The Paintguard is a sealant that chemically bonds with the paint providing a durable protective coating. Any wax approved for automotive use will not damage the Perma Plate Paintguard application or affect your warranty with us in any way.

One advantage to having Paintguard applied to your vehicle is that it is no longer necessary to wax your car. Wax, even a good one, does not normally have the ability to bond to the paint.

Because of this, the wax is not detergent resistant and is 80% removed after the first wash. However, if waxing is a preferred part of your vehicle car regimen, you can be secure in knowing that automotive waxes will not damage the original Perma Plate Paintguard protection. For added protection we recommend using Paintguard Renewer.

You will find it will deep-clean the surface and revitalize the shine adding to the protection that is already on the vehicle.

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