Can You Drive On Your Snow Tires Year-Round?

summer tiresAs the weather begins to warm up and snow melts away across the country, many drivers are wondering if they really need to take their snow tires off. Not only will you have to head to your local auto shop to wait in line and have them removed, but you will also have to make space in your garage or basement to properly store them. And while these discouraging factors may have you thinking about leaving your snow tires on year-round, PermaPlate is here to remind you why it is so important to swap them out for your summer tires.

Excess Wear

Created from a more flexible rubber than all season and summer tires, snow tires provide extra traction in the winter, gripping to the snow and ice on the road better than other tires can. As much as it helps you in the winter, this pliable tread works against you in the summer, wearing down very quickly on the warm, dry pavement that doesn’t require extra grip.

Decreased Performance

Another problem caused by the soft rubber of snow tires is the inability to quickly maneuver your vehicle. The harder all season and summer tires provide a crisper response than the flexible snow tires can, making them a safer choice when the weather is warm.

Additional Fuel Costs

Along with decreased performance and excess wear comes an additional problem: a decrease in gas mileage. No one wants to fill up their tank more often then they need to, and with summer vacation approaching, the extra money you spend on gas can take away from your fun in the sun!

Winter tires are expensive and ineffective during the spring and summer months, so make yours last and ensure a safer drive by taking them off promptly after the snow and ice melt away. Your vehicle and your wallet will thank you!

PermaPlate offers tire and wheel protection along with a wide variety of other automotive protection programs to help ensure your vehicle looks and drives its best. Learn more about them here and visit our blog regularly for more vehicle advice.

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