Car Technology You Likely Aren’t Using

Car Technology NewsIt is no secret that cars now come equipped with an exceptional amount of technology. If you have recently purchased a car, it probably has a ton technology that you’re unaware of.

Many Americans are driving cars that are full of advanced technologies that they are simply not using or might be unaware of.

In-Vehicle Concierge

Many cars now come equipped with an in-vehicle concierge but few people seem to use it. This technology can provide drivers with directions, store locations, roadside assistance, and more. Essentially, it is a “built-in” secretary that can help you with tons of tasks but because most people are charged a monthly fee to access it, they simply don’t.

Automatic Parking Assistance

If you’re someone that struggles with parking in difficult spots, you’re probably wondering why people don’t use a common car feature that makes parking easier. Automatic parking assistance is often accessible through a simple button on many cars to help people park. Many cars use sensors in order to judge what type of park job is do-able but people are often hesitant to use these types of features.

Mobile Applications

This is a relatively common technology feature that most cars come equipped for but few people are using. A lot of companies offer smartphone applications that can help you control your car from almost anywhere. Many of the applications will allow you to start your car, unlock your car, check your fuel level, and more. However, people don’t seem to be using these applications regardless.

Built-In Applications

A lot of cars are also coming with built-in applications that the majority of car owners aren’t aware of how to use. Many cars have built-in applications, accessible through the dashboard, that allow car owners to do a wide variety of different tasks right from their car from checking the weather to streaming favorite music.

Many car dealerships are now offering customers “training sessions” in order to teach them how to use specific technologies to their advantage.

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