Cars are Only Getting Bigger and Better

After the 2018 North American International Auto Show, it’s become apparent that cars are growing in size in order to stay afloat in a competitive market. But why is it that “bigger is better?”U.S Truck, SUV and Crossover Sales Rise

The U.S. is trying to figure that out after seeing less interest in smaller cars this past February. Major automakers like GM saw these particular sales fall by 7 percent, while Ford saw a decline of 6.8 percent. This decrease in small vehicle sales seems to be the result of a shift in consumer preferences.

It’s all about what the consumer wants, and currently, that is a bigger vehicle.

With consumer preferences in favor of a bigger vehicle, crossovers, SUVs, and pickups are having no trouble expanding their sales. Also, lower gasoline prices are beginning to give consumers the confidence to spend the extra money on bigger vehicles once again. But what does this mean for compact cars, mid-size sedans and full-size cars?

“Compact” cars are pushing the limits on what it means to be compact.

In order to compete with the roomier interiors and cargo space of bigger cars, automakers are starting to rethink the design of some of their vehicles. How can they keep their models compact, but also meet consumer needs?

In the past, making cars bigger meant compromising the usability of the vehicles themselves. Engineers are now using a different approach. By using lightweight materials and improved engines, engineers are able to create more space without increasing the actual size of the car. This not only provides the roomy interior that drivers want, but also boosts gas mileage and cargo space.