Cars Continue to Go Green in 2017

In recent years, hybrids and electrical vehicles have become a major focus of the automotive industry. According to Green Car Reports, over half a million carbon-cutting hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and full electric vehicles were sold in the United States.Permaplate

The automotive industry is going green as consumers demand cars that are environmentally focused. The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) focused recently on several of the “greenest cars” for 2017. All twelve cars that made the list were electrical but each one has something unique to offer and we thought we’d highlight a few.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric

The ACEEE listed the Hyundai Ioniq Electric as the “greenest” car sold in the United States. It typically travels about 124 miles on a charge and gets 136mpg.

Fiat 500E

The Fiat 500E is a compact coupe that is only being sold in California and Oregon, but it did make the list of great green cars for 2017. The car gets about 84 miles a charge which is about 112mpgs.

Nissan Leaf

This vehicle is small but still has a decent amount of space compared to other compact electrical vehicles. The Nissan Leaf gets about 107 miles on a charge which is about 112mpgs.

Toyota Prius Prime

The Prius has been making “green car” headlines for years and the latest model is no different. This car is estimated to run the first 25 miles on batter power alone. After about 133mpg, the car starts operating as a conventional hybrid.

Overall, Toyota took the “greenest cars” list by storm with three models in the running, two hybrids and one plug-in hybrid. Surprisingly, the popular “Tesla Model S” did not find a place on the list although it is rated as a high quality electric vehicle.

If you’re searching for a car to reduce your own carbon footprint, the majority of the cars on this list are available for purchase across the United States.

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