Cars May Eventually Monitor Your Health

Technology has changed many of the items we use every day including phones, watches, computers, and cars. From watches that tell us our heart rate to bracelets that monitor our every step, monitoring our health has become a focus of changing technology. Our cars may eventually monitor our health as well and the majority of the software is already developed but has not been put on the market yet.

The overall concept of cars monitoring our health could be considered old news. Ford developed a Wi-Fi several years ago that made cars able to measure allergies, asthma, and diabete42210307 - concept illustrating on the road the wellness and good healths. With pollution becoming a growing concern every year, the car could also indicate the status of the air quality outside. If you fall asleep at the wheel, the technology could detect your exhaustion. In an emergency, the car could even contact paramedics. These cars could eventually be able to measure heart rate, mood, and stress level as well among many other things. For instance, if you have a high stress level and are listening to music that might contribute to it, the car could change the music to improve your mood.

Ford does have the patent on the technology that would monitor a driver’s health from a car and has for a few years. It was developed when it became known that people don’t monitor their health. People would have the option to share the data with their healthcare providers. If they do grant permission, the healthcare results would be sent wirelessly from the car. Health care professionals see this technology as an advantage.

Some people do consider the idea of your car measuring your health too invasive while others see it as a proactive way to take ownership of their personal well-being. Your car could eventually have an ongoing record of your health making a yearly checkup less relevant. This technology could also make it easier for you and your doctor to track your health and wellness. There are always advantages and disadvantages to changing technology and people have differing opinions on this concept.

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