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Keeping Safe with Keyless-entry Cars

Keyless Car Remote

When they hit the market, the main selling point of keyless-entry vehicles was pure convenience; you’d be able to get into your car without having to fumble around for your keys. As long as your keys are in your pocket, purse or somewhere else on your person, you can unlock your vehicle at the touch…. Read more »

Car Buyers Appreciate Safety Tech – But Aren’t Necessarily Looking for It

A recent article from insurance publication Claims Journal reveals that although car buyers greatly appreciate their vehicle’s safety and connectivity features, those features rarely play a role in their purchasing decisions. Based on the findings of a telematics study recently conducted by LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Claims Journal reports that only a mere 15 percent of… Read more »

Car Shopping in December: What to Know

Although many people shop for cars during Black Friday weekend, many dealerships are offering competitive deals in time for 2018. If you’re looking to purchase a car for a reasonable price, consider shopping before January to get a great price on a variety of new vehicles. Dealerships often offer major discounts in the month of… Read more »

When to Buy Your Current Lease

Leasing Advice

If you’re currently leasing a car and you’re considering buying the lease out, we encourage you to do some research before making a decision. Before you purchase your current lease, we encourage you to do some research to make sure it is your best financial choice. There are several things that you should consider before… Read more »

2018 Honda Accord Improves Sedan Stereotype

Sedans often earn the reputation of being “average,” and many consumers don’t consider them because of their size and simplicity. The latest Honda Accord 2018 appears to be a bit shorter in length and lower to the ground, which contributes to its sport-themed sedan appearance. The car does, however, have four doors which is a… Read more »

Common Mistakes of First-Time Car Buyers

first time car owner

Buying a car for the first time is a major decision which is why it’s important to educate yourself on how to make the best choice possible. Many people purchasing a car for the first time make the same mistakes, all of which are avoidable if you do some research ahead of time. Your Eyes… Read more »

Protect Your Car, Protect Your Resale Value

Car News

If you’re looking to eventually sell your car, you’re likely looking to make some cash from it. Most cars are worth some amount of money when they are sold, but your resale value depends on how much effort you’ve put into caring for your car. There are several things that you can do to ensure… Read more »

Ideal Time for Purchasing a Car

Buying a Car

Many people that are looking to purchase a new car are also looking for the best time to purchase that car. If you’re purchasing a new car in the near future, you’re probably looking for the best sales which often fall around a holiday weekend. However, recently monitored thousands of sales incentives and narrowed… Read more »

Advice for Buying a Certified Used Car

For many people, purchasing a brand new car is out of the question. Cars are an expensive investment, and while most Americans drive them, many Americans can’t afford to purchase one brand new. A new car typically sells for about $31,000, where a decent used model goes for $19,000. However, sometimes people are hesitant to… Read more »

Top Apps for Car Owners

If you own both a car and a smartphone, you might want to look into the vast amount of mobile apps that you could benefit from. There are several mobile apps that are intended to improve our driving experience and PermaPlate has touched on a few top favorites. GasBuddy This application is free, (that’s always… Read more »

Picking Out a Car for Your Teen Driver

Unfortunately, many teenagers end up being statistics in tragic accidents, and many of those accidents are a result of minimal driving knowledge or unreliable vehicles. If you have a teenager at home and you’re starting to think about purchasing a car for them, there are several things that you should be keeping in mind while… Read more »

Making Your Car Safe as Possible

Decades ago, many people used to ride in their cars without seatbelts on. Decades ago, infants were simply held in the arms of their mother when in a moving car.  Now, seatbelts are a safety necessity in cars and children (from infants to adolescence) are in some type of safety seat when in the car…. Read more »

Remaining Mindful of Semi Trucks

For most people, driving alongside a semi-truck is unsettling. Most people do their best to keep semi-trucks at a distance, whether they pass them quickly or remain a safe distance behind them. However, sharing the road with semi-trucks is a must and it can be easy to do if you are educated on how to… Read more »

Cars to Consider On a Budget

Purchasing a car can be expensive and many people are searching for a car that they can afford. According to Consumer Reports, the average new car typically costs $34,000. They compiled a list of the best cars under $30,000 that have good road test performance, safety features, and so forth. Below are just a few… Read more »

Keeping Your Car Stocked

We’ve talked often about what necessities you should keep in your car for winter months in order to protect yourself from severe weather while driving. However, you should keep a variety of items in your car at all times in the event that an emergency occurs. Cell Phone Charger Most of us will grab a… Read more »

Preparing Your Car for Spring

If you live in a portion of the United States that experiences harsh winters, you’re probably desperate for spring and a glimpse of warm weather. Luckily, spring is getting closer and we’ll soon be able to roll down our windows and soak up the sun. As the seasons prepare to shift, you should prepare for… Read more »

Purchasing the Car You Need

For many Americans, car shopping is about finding the car that best suits your family and lifestyle. Most families look to purchase cars with solid safety ratings, plenty of room for the little ones, good gas mileage, and so forth.   Forbes recently highlighted the most practical cars and crossovers for 2017 and we’ve highlighted… Read more »

Old Cars Do New Tricks

If you have been driving the same car around for a decade, you’re probably starting to get tired of it. If you can’t afford to replace it with a brand new car, consider upgrading your current car instead. Technology is playing a major role in cars that is only improving with time, and luckily, you… Read more »